The Legacy List

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In short, this is an ever-changing list of what I think are the 15 best articles that I've conjured up over the past 3.5 years because I'm an egocentric pile of human garbage who only thinks of himself. It's sorted in chronological order from newest to oldest, with fun jumps in quality abound!
My favorite five articles are in bold. Articles that are part of the list will be indicated in the actual post.

INTERVIEW: Kanekiru Talks Art, Pokemon, and Blobfish - 1/1/17
Just solid.

A Thought to Chew: Exeggutor Island - 12/24/16
One of my favorite "A Thought to Chews." It's not aiming to be overwhelmingly comedic so much as an actual, fully-formed opinion which- I'm not going to lie- is kind of rare coming from myself.

Talking Point: The Sheer Ingenuity of Cross Days - 9/10/16
And excuse to talk about plant erotica and high-tech dildos is a good one to take... debatably, of course.

A Thought to Chew: Pokemon Picross and Choosing Poison - 10/15/16
I like to complain. This let me complain.

Dear Nintendo: Stop Trying to Be 'Hip' - 6/11/16
Sonic the Hedgehog is something Nintendo just shouldn't be.

A Thought to Chew: Fixed Camera Angles and the Triumph of Pokemon Black/White - 6/18/16
This is pretty much the epitome of, "All of my opinions are petty."

INTERVIEW: FinalSmash! is New on the Scene and Making it Big - 5/29/16
After a drought in interviews, FinalSmash! helped me get back into the swing of things. Then, I didn't do another interview for six months, but that doesn't count.

A Thought to Chew: 'Manufactured Nostalgia' - 2/21/16
The result of built-up anger from the comments section. I'm honestly just proud of coining a term. 

I Made My First Video on GoAnimate. Here's How it Went. - 11/11/15
I honestly do regret it, though.

INTERVIEW: A Conversation on 'Horror Towns' with the Creator of Hitokui - 10/31/15
This is definitely the hardest interview I've conducted. Basically, I had to send messages in English written in such a way that, when translated to Japanese, retains its meaning, then attempt to translate, all over the course of one stressful week. It was worth it.

INTERVIEW: ChaseFace Talks Sonic and Ironic Body Pillows - 9/11/15
Sometimes things click, the stars line up, and a miracle happens- that's pretty much the only excuse I have for managing to get ahold of Chase, who delivered my favorite interview to this point.

How to Write Fanfiction - 5/28/15
At some points, doing the blog just feels like an obligation where I'm too afraid to run off after so many years. This post was a personal reminder that I could still have more fun with the format.

Video Game Characters IRL: Miles "Tails" Prower - 4/3/14
A rare article out of the "Let's just swear a couple of times and see what sticks- oh wait not much" era.

INTERVIEW: Electric Mudkip Talks Music and Mudkip - 3/1/14
The first interview I ever conducted. Regardless of its general roughness, Emdasche was game, and that's all that matters.

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