Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A Thought to Chew: Memory

I've been playing a lot of Color Splash lately, and as a disclaimer, I will say upfront that yes, I very much enjoyed it. The gameplay might be a bit rough around the edges, and I'll probably address that at some point, but everything else about the game is endearing and charming. There are three amazing prongs to it- beautiful artistic choices, a profound sense of humor (especially for a Mario game), and a phenomenal soundtrack. If there's one thing that a game can sell me on the most, it's music, and while Color Splash is definitely the most well-rounded game in terms of having consistently good music to match the circumstances of the game, there's one piece of music that I think is better than all of it combined.

The song is "Memory", Rather, it's four songs. The early ones are light and contemplative, with simple piano notes accompanied by the ticks of a clock and a rotating film reel. We get a cinematic, sentimental vibe, an immediate contrast to the otherwise cheerful optimism the game radiates.