Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Favorite Videos of 2016 List

Here's the list of the articles for the videos I discussed over the past two weeks. If I can say one thing, though, it's that I'm really looking forward to just talking about video games, okay?

Day 1: Family Pizza Meeting by Olan Rogers
Day 2: How to Lose Weight in 4 Easy Steps! by buh
Day 3: Pokerap by Neil Cicierega
Day 4: So This is Basically Pokemon by JelloApocalypse
Day 5: The Foul Line by BriTANicK
Day 6: Awkward Photo Hands by communitychannel
Day 7: If Adult Cereals Had Mascots by CollegeHumor
Day 8: Super Mario Bros. Super Show #2 by PBG
Day 9: Cats Review by Garcatch
Day 10: This Thumbnail is a Butt by CollegeHumor
Day 11: Fire Man by TomSka
Day 12: Between Two Ferns: Hillary Clinton by Funnyordie
Day 13: Isabelle Ruins Eveything by hotdiggedydemon
Day 14: Hong Kong Scamalot by Mashable
Day 15: Time Friends by Olan Rogers

Also, I have purged my Twitter of most of the spam accounts that follow me, which means that not only have I dropped significantly in followers, but I will be getting much fewer views. Honestly, though, it's better to know that real people are actually looking at my stuff than nobody at all (though I'm still 90% sure bots make up at least half of my pageviews. Sigh.)

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