Saturday, January 7, 2017

Favorite Videos of 2016: Day 6: Awkward Photo Hands

"Wow, Nat! Your hands look very occupied and not weird in this photo!"
The success in Nat's videos are that she manages to find the commonalities that every person has and find humor in it. Yes, I know there are thousands of "OMG SO RELATABLE" videos and posts all over the Internet, but Nat finds something that we never think about but are simply wont to do, and it's a range not just limited to basic white people (with all due respect to basic white people, I suppose).

For instance, "Awkward Photo Hands" explores our dilemma of trying to figure out what the heck we do with our hands when we have photos taken of us, with an inescapable fate of looking like a complete idiot. She then proposes the perfect solution: holding things to look preoccupied, because regardless of the baffling context of holding a pepper shaker, it's better than nothing, and if you're too broke, flip the bird. Or, if you're feeling confident, flip a bird and put one hand on your hip. Gang signs too!

And surely, it is out of attempting to not look awkward that gang members are made.

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