Friday, January 6, 2017

Favorite Videos of 2016: Day 5: The Foul Line

"I can't just leave Earth. All my friends if- alright, I'll do it."
If there's one thing I've noticed throughout this list, it's that I have an odd appreciation of intense elevation and scatted miscommunication, but I digress.

I think the first thing that struck me about the short was that it was made after a three-year drought by BriTANick, a sketch duo that I pretty much missed out on. The idea that they would make a new video was pretty much out of question, so to see it thrown out of left-field, and not as a half-baked reminder of their existence, was great. (I assume the release of "The Foul Line" and their other short, "The Faux Pas", was somehow linked to their eventual hire as writers on SNL, but that's wild speculation.)

The premise is simple: Brian is told in the locker room by Nick that his haircut slims his face which repeatedly interferes with his ability to make a shot, leading to fouls as he is torn apart by the belief that he was insulted for having a fat head.

While that's all fine, the bit exceeds most when it goes completely insane, with a delusional Brian being confronted by his father at home that left him at a young age, only to find out he's part of a royal alien family renowned for fat heads and that he would ascend to the next world by shooting a virgin (cue: Nick in a cage, which he shoots mercilessly).

Combine the premise with fun and absurd details, like each individual member of the team in the short (including a shapeshifter), the one lone fan in the bleachers ("I'm missing a funeral for this!"), and Jon Milhiser's aggressive coach snatching the ball, and every corner of the sketch feels properly explored and fully fleshed-out, which is important to that classic suspension of belief.

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