Thursday, January 5, 2017

Favorite Videos of 2016: Day 4: So This is Basically Pokemon

"You're finally 10 and that means you're ready to go off on a nationwide journey with gangsters and mobsters! Now that you've got your twig with eyeballs by your side, it's totally safe."
While a lot of opinions towards what I watch on Youtube have been evolving, my appreciation for JelloApocalypse remains the same year after year.

As someone who enjoys Pokemon, at a certain point, you just kind of accept it for what it is, but all it takes is for Jello to come in and mock the crap out of it for you to notice that the games really don't make that much sense at all. No, it doesn't make sense that once you become 10, you're thrown out into the world to be torn to shreds. No, it doesn't make sense that punching the dark would deal massive damage. But yes, it is racist that there's been a gym for every type but Dark. ("Learn more about racism at your local library.")

Conceptually, the videos are incredibly similar to his now-defunct "Welcome To" series where he tore apart facets of the Internet through not-very-useful instructional guides. Heck, I accidentally called the post "Welcome to Pokemon" - they're that singular, but it's not a matter of Jello being a one-trick pony. He simple takes a unified position and finds different approaches in defining it. At the very least it definitely helps that he's really good at what he does- finding miniscule logical oversights and viciously berating them until it's permanently ingrained into your memory.

A quick word about that series though - it's ending in the form of "Welcome to Webcomics" was exceptional, if not the pinnacle of the series. Special pointers to the ending, though, where he angrily yells at a former webcomic artist for not finishing the series, which I would like to assume is him blowing off steam at how tedious the series is for him in the first place. Or maybe I'm overanalyzing because I seek closure, and when I don't get it I (Joke)

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