Sunday, January 15, 2017

Favorite Videos of 2016: Day 14: Hong Kong | Scamalot

"Yes, there are Kit Kats."
Here's a bit of a different choice.
To the uninformed, James Veitch is a British comedian who gets a lot of scam emails, but instead of ignoring them, he responds to waste the scammer's time and confuse them. Now, he puts them all up on the Internet to enjoy.

There's just something great about the exchanges- they're baffling and bizarre on both sides. On one hand is the scammer attempting to manipulate a potential idiot as a pawn to steal their money, and on the other is James, managing to snare them despite complete illogic. Both are trying to trick the other, and the result is glamorous as James slowly wins and the scammer becomes visibly frustrated, and in this case, straight-up says "Go away."

I suppose I should say why I think this particular video is better than the others. I think it works best because James' actions are the furthest detached from reality, done in such a way to enrage the scammer as much as possible. While the scammer acts as a Hong Kong banker, simply wanting to send James money, James is off on his own tangent about actually going to Hong Kong and crashing on the guy's couch. While every video is filled with absurdism, this one just dives in the most and works the best, with the two entangled in a deathly and hilarious stalemate.

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