Saturday, December 3, 2016

A Thought to Chew: In Defense of Hau

Pokemon Sun and Moon had a lot of complex characters with actual backbone. You've got your Lillies, your Gladions, your Lusamines, your Guzmas, your Nanus, etc.
And then there's Hau. And pretty much nobody likes him. Well, you know what? I think he's fine, so if you don't want to read the rest of the argument, that's fine because I just told you my opinion instead of suffocating you with more words. But, to welcome masochists, here's my two cents.

I think the reason people have an issue with the character is simply his overwhelmingly sharp contrast to every other character that you frequently bump into. As such, he feels the least incorporated into the story, especially with the character's main motivation not being to become Champion so much as to eat malasadas which doesn't even really count as a recurring joke because it's entirely consistent throughout the whole plot. I do appreciate that facet of his character, though- he's simplistic and normal. He doesn't need some looming backstory; he's just a regular person. I like food. He likes food. It's a mutual food-loving relationship over which we connect spiritually. (Meanwhile, if you connect with Gladion or Lillie, get yourself some help.)

I think that makes up for the at least partial disconnect of having a character with a hollow, vacant stare with no frontal lobe development telling him to do anything with his face aside from being eternally conceited. (Also, I'm completely ignoring the "Your character is the rival" argument here, regardless of its validity.) Granted, both Hau and (inadvertently) your character tend to sandbag the drama going on, but it works better for Hau because it's a part of his characterization as laid-back. (Seriously, there's nothing more laid-back than doing a nonchalant arm stretch before battle.) Your character, on the other hand, is way more inexcusable. There's nothing behind those eyes.

However, I think the main reason I appreciate him is that he's an inherently good person, and you know what people aren't? Almost every other rival in every other Pokemon game. Blue would be a perfectly fine character if it wasn't for the fact that so many rivals were carbon copies of him, causing what I can only describe as mass fatigue. Hau is thus a complete relief- he's sane, calm, collected, charismatic, and most importantly doesn't perpetually yell "THUD!" and pop up when you least expect it to instantly ruin any momentum going on in the game. And that's good! So hate him all you want, but if it ain't Barry, don't fix it.

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