Sunday, November 6, 2016

A Word on the New Animal Crossing Update

I decided to type up a quick little smidgen of content as some vague affirmation that I'm still very much alive, so consider this a mini-article.
As I'm sure everybody already knows, Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Welcome amiibo just came out a few days ago, and to be honest, I do like it. There's no denying that it's a great update to help breathe some life into the three year-old game.
For those who don't care, start caring because the game is phenomenal. But seriously talking, the big addition was the introduction of amiibo compatibility, allowing for new villagers, chief among them Wolf Link (a fan favorite from the start), Ganon, Medli, and some Splatoon-inspired villagers, as well as thematic furniture to boot. Diss on me all you want, but I'm a sucker for new furniture, probably because I'm an idiot who can't prioritize, but I digress. FURNITURE.

There's also all the small things that show that the developers care about the game- you can now sit on rocks (like the pioneers did!), put flatscreens on walls, sit on cushions placed on chairs, and best of all, unlock a storage unit holding that can hold 360 items. (FURNITURE.) It's been established that I love those tiny things that nobody could give less of a crap about, but it's nice, okay? Just let me be enthusiastic about my dope rock-sitting for once.
The one bitter thing about the update is that it basically means that this is the best we're gonna get from Animal Crossing for the new couple of years. Everybody's been optimistic about some pretty Wii U version, but it looks like all we'll be stuck with is Amiibo Festival. (We can't always be winners.)
On the other hand, though, who cares? If anything, the fact that Nintendo made this free expansion, arguably huge for this type of game, shows that the developers are more invested in satisfying players than their paychecks. Think about it: a new game means everybody would spend $60 and honestly, nobody would complain. Instead, though, they did a crazy amount of work to make the best possible version of this game and gave it to us for no cost at all. It's like DLC but you don't have to pay for it! (coughcoughPOKEMONPICROSScough)
Honestly, that's all I have to say. It's not much, but it gave me an opportunity to get more invested in the game, especially because I've done so much that there's little left that I had to do besides showcase my ineptitude at using the Stalk Market. (I'm having Neopets flashbacks and they aren't all that peachy.) Don't get me wrong, the updates are simple, especially for somebody who is yet to get an amiibo scanner for their inferior device, but it's the sheer effort that counts.

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