Saturday, August 13, 2016

Current State of Affairs II

Things have been going slow and I apologize.
First off, the main draw is interviews on this blog, I'm assuming, and I have only done two this year. The main issue is confrontation, frequent rejection, and the likes. Plus, sending a request out is super intimidating and you have no idea on if it will work out or not, which can be kind of stressful. I'm not saying I want to end interviewing altogether, especially because that's how this blog became even kind of a thing, but it will be difficult to kick back into gear and I do feel sorry about that.
Secondly, things are coming. A Thought to Chews have become the main article type for this blog, which I'm fine with. I also plan on introducing some more articles that are more based on fascinating tidbits, like certain aspects of games that nobody talks about. It's important to keep this blog running for me on a personal level, and I apologize for the fact that it has been going at the rate of molasses over the past month.
There's a new post coming out tomorrow and I will try to work out another interview for this month, so be on the lookout!

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