Tuesday, July 12, 2016

A Thought to Chew: The Galaxy Palette

Back in the days when Super Mario Galaxy came out, my brother and I compiled something that he dubbed "The Galaxy Palette". What we did was transverse the game world in search of particularly interesting colors which he captured and saved onto his DSi, allowing him to use them to make images with varied colors.
This got me thinking about what kind of article I should make, and I realized that Super Mario Galaxy and its sequel were excellent in their usage of colors to portray certain moods and, above all else, the sheer vastness of space.

Sunday, July 3, 2016

A Thought to Chew: Self-Awareness in Gaming

I think there's something intelligent about a game being self-aware and self-referential. It's like a sly admittance of "Shucks, you got me!". There's certainly nothing wrong with a game that doesn't occasionally poke fun at itself (see: most games), but it's almost a lost art.
Games way back when, mostly always point-and-clicks, literally messed with the player the whole time. Obviously, the format allows this to happen- it's a game where the player looks like an idiot in an almost fruitless attempt to beat the game- but it's not limited to those games. However, the obvious decline in such games means that there is a justified decrease in self-awareness, but I digress.
Hilariously, most games guilty of this pandering are JRPGs.