Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dear Nintendo: Stop Trying to Be 'Hip'

So, two interviews in a row. That's pretty cool, right? And another this month... probably.
Back to mediocre, one-sided "commentary".
A while back I did two articles entitled "Dear Nintendo", where I vented about an issue that definitely does not matter- it's the equivalent of screaming at a nonresponsive wall, frankly. But I finally have an issue that I feel like needs to be addressed.
Nintendo, what are you doing with your social media feed? Like, seriously, what is happening?

They used to be respectable- obviously, they have to reach out to their younger audience, but they still took things with a business-like respect. Whelp, that's not important anymore, apparently.
Here's the thing- they want to replicate the Sonic the Hedgehog feed. The issue is that Sonic's is using it in a self-aware, Steve Buscemi way of cool in being as lame as possible- I believe, and I hate to admit, that it's called "being dank". In a great article, Jordan Minor stated that "The humor is that Millennial mix of knowingly cringe-worthy and totally sincere," which is entirely correct- it spawns a sort of painful smirk but a sense of amusement nonetheless. It has a soul but not really a point.
Meanwhile, Nintendo does. This is not some sad white flag of defeat, pitifully undulating in the deathly winds of a time gone by. Sonic has a sense of "Let's look try-hard but really not be" whereas Nintendo has a sense of "Let's be try-hard." They want to replicate it but something is missing. That something is a soul. It feels like Nintendo sat down at a corporate meeting searching through the most freshly-minted pages of KnowYourMeme and saying, "Heh! It's a frog on a unicycle. Kids will love this and thus love us!" But nobody really bought it.
It's telling that while Sonic was met with Internet acclaim ("Yes, the highest strata of acclaim), Nintendo was greeted with a visceral hatred. We accept Sonic's because they get it and they get their fans whereas Nintendo simply wanted to go tag-team.
Here's my feedback: Guys, you don't need to try hard to win online. You've already won almost every other battle, with a reliable and significantly more sane fanbase and not awful sales. You don't need to make a final act of desperation before committing some company-based suicide, sending the corpse of your characters to rot in a LEGO Dimensions purgatory. You guys may be beyond your last big peak, but mountains come in chains so don't lie dormant in the valleys waiting for memes to roll of the hills to crush you into a pulp.
Take it from me, Nintendo, a guy who has accrued Twitter followers in the lower half of the double digits who thinks his opinions matters. Sincerely, this guy.

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I'm currently in Scandanavia, so hopefully things will work out. If not, I apologize.


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