Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Thought to Chew: Fixed Camera Angles and the Triumph of Pokemon Black/White

Let's keep the coal churning!
A while back I made a joke about how I wanted to make an article about fixed camera angles in Pokemon Black/White.
Yeah, I wasn't really joking. I just needed a cheap segue.
The thing is, I love things that don't matter that games throw in just for the sake of it.
This is the very definition of that thing.
Camera angles were a thing that didn't exist in Pokemon before Black and White. Pokemon games have always been played from the same bird's eye perspective. It's not that it's a bad design choice. In fact, it's quite the opposite- it's probably the most effective way of getting the best view of the Pokemon game world, a theory further proved by Lumiose City's disorientingly awful camera angle choices.

Saturday, June 11, 2016

Dear Nintendo: Stop Trying to Be 'Hip'

So, two interviews in a row. That's pretty cool, right? And another this month... probably.
Back to mediocre, one-sided "commentary".
A while back I did two articles entitled "Dear Nintendo", where I vented about an issue that definitely does not matter- it's the equivalent of screaming at a nonresponsive wall, frankly. But I finally have an issue that I feel like needs to be addressed.
Nintendo, what are you doing with your social media feed? Like, seriously, what is happening?