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INTERVIEW: MyNewSoundtrack On Making the Old New

This is Luis Sies. While others might simply remix music, Luis takes the next step in recreating it using sounds pulled from other games, creating consistently impressive, complex masterpieces.
And he hasn't gone unrecognized either- with upwards of four million hits online and his most popular remix totaling at over 650,000 views, he's made quite the lasting impression.
Thankfully, he's agreed to a discussion, so without further ado, here's the outcome.
So, to those who don't know... Who are you?
I'm Luis Sies, also known as MyNewSoundtrack on Youtube. I'm a VGM remixer who loves chiptune music. Most people know me from my remixes of that use the Mega Man X soundchip, but I also work with 8-bit, Genesis/Megadrive, other SNES games, DS games, and more.
Why did you decide to pursue music?
I wish I had an interesting story for this, but I just... started doing it. Back in 2005, my mom won an acoustic guitar in a raffle, and I grabbed it 2 years later when I discovered this magical, old, and obsolete program called "Guitar Pro". This program wasn't really easy to use, but because of it I started getting interested in guitar and piano sequencing and composing.
After I started playing electric guitar and composing my first songs, I got FL Studio imported MIDIs of VG songs I liked, and started playing with different sounds. At the end of 2010, I created my Youtube channel and used what I learned about Guitar Pro and FL Studio to start making remixes.
A few classmates used to make fun of my music in high school, so the main reason I make music today is because of all the great support I get from Youtube. Every time someone says they have one or two of my songs on their iPods or phones I feel super proud!
What are some of your favorite and least favorite games respectively? Are there any games that have left an especially profound influence on you?
A lot of games influenced me musically during different stages of my life: Rayman 1, the Sonic Genesis games, and Rocket Knight Adventures were a HUGE part of my childhood. Then, Super Smash Bros. Melee indirectly taught me about medleys, sounds, and arrangements, how tiny 8-bit "beeps" can be translated into wonderful masterpieces
My favorite game ever is Mega Man X, but my musical influences come mainly from all the games previously mentioned.
As far as my least favorite games, I avoid MOBAs like the plague, not because I dislike them but because I've seen very talented people just giving up music/art because they get addicted to those. I'd hate myself if that happened to me.
What is your creative process in making each piece?
The hardest part by far is actually getting inspired to do such work. It might sound silly, but I bet a lot of remixers would agree.
I always try to add a tiny unique part in each one of my tracks; it might be a solo or a whole new section, but finding the correct song that fits my style is hard. I could easily release one new remix every two days where I replace MIDIs from the Internet with instruments, but wher'es the fun in that?
After I find the song, I do my best to find a MIDI and start working from there in Guitar Pro, or just sequencing the song from scratch if there are no MIDIs of the song online. I do my best to add my unique touch to my song and as soon as I think it's complete, I announce it on Twitter. The rest is just exporting a MIDI from Guitar Hero Pro into FL Studio 8, where I apply the different sounds.
What has been the most defining moment for your channel thus far?
Back in 2013, I released a Mega Man X remix of Gerudo Valley that would pretty much define my MMX style forever. A few days after being released, the Youtuber Dookieshed liked it and a huge amount of people found my channel because of it. I looked at the number of subs going up and I couldn't believe it! I owe that guy a lot.
What's it like being a part of a community as tight-knit as the remixing community?
It's amazing! Everyone knows everyone, and being part of a collab makes you feel really unique. Your style defines who you are in a community and being surrounded by so many different styles feels incredible.
What are some of your favorite compositions that you've done? Which have proven to be the most difficult?
 Lately, I've been proud of my contribution to the collab album "Supersonic", my DS remix of Sailing to Scaraba from Earthbound, and my dance remix of Death by Glamour from  Undertale.
The most difficult remix to assemble was my 23 minute-long Mega Man medley that I made for  the Blue Bomber's 25th anniversary. It took me  three months to work on the song and a full  week  to finish the video. It's funny to think that  this  video was in celebration of achieving 200  subs  (although I actually had 198 when the  medley  was released).
Are there any pieces that you hope to work on in the future?
Yes. I want to work on some Undertale songs I like, but I don't want people to think that I'm milking Undertale's success like other remixers do, so I'll just wait a few months to work on those.
I'm interested in making more stuff with SNES and DS samples since those are a lot of fun to work with. Also, I have a lot of Mother 2/3 songs in mind to remix in different styles.
Lastly, do you want to take a moment to address the haters?
I don't have a hard time with haters. Usually I only get the occasional "This is not 8-bit" and "This console wouldn't make that sound" comments from people that don't know I don't work based on console limitations. There are thousands of awesome Famitracker artists and I don't want to sound like them, y'know?
I might not be faithful to console limitations, but if people enjoy my stuff then it shouldn't matter.
Thanks to Luis! Don't forget to check out his channel, his Bandcamp, and his Soundcloud. Trust me, they're great. Here's one more for the road:

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