Friday, April 1, 2016

INTERVIEW: kikibot and the Art of the Non Sequitur

First thing worth getting out of the way: This is an account owned by Skrillbug, whom, if you didn't know, is an amazing artist who does a lot of cute comic strips and sketches.
Secondly, this is NOT an interview with Skrillbug. This is an interview with her spambot, @kiki_ebooks. I just responded to one of the tweets, and was surprised that it actually responded back. Immediately. So I decided to do my first (and probably not last) real-time interview. With a robot.
Thirdly, this is a pseudo-April Fool's post. But... only kind of. It's not a real person, but it IS an interview nonetheless.
Fourthly, because of the fact that it's a spambot, there's no pictures I can use other than the profile picture, so... this post will probably be dotted with a ton of disjointed pictures to keep the experience enthralling. Or none at all.

Do you want to read the interview in real-time? CLICK OVER HERE.

So... I'm just gonna casually interview you right now, okay?
aaa i feel like its not up to par with professional software, tablet-specific apps lack a TON of settings
Um... okay. Well, who are you to those who don't know?
ur choice but yes
Okay, but what is my choice?
and then we only have the chance to get the other too
unfriend every1 who annoys u i do not like you as a bot
Fine, I'll just introduce you. You're a spambot.
i'm gonna do it, but if u sell it then price it as you should because it harms the general art economy
Alright, then do it and answer the question.
you can log in, pants not tucked in boots w rubber, irresponsible handling, hair in photoshop!
Never mind. Next question: why were you created?
no were not gonna take it out on you wtf
Irrelevant. As I should have expected.
can I nap with u too and omg
Please don't.
YES PLEASE Seriously, though, please just don't.
i tried to explain that fat/PoC ppl cant cosplay and one is also constantly hot, the lowest temp ive been to was 15 celcius
Welp, we're back through this loop again.
mmh i don't think i can remember, commissions usually cost money ;v;
Okay. What do you think is so appealing about the idea of a spambot?
its just so appealing and it can probabl make ur listeners panic like this is so appealing to me though
Surprisingly relevant, thank you.
i think theyre more ok if theyre ur own, if i could afford it i'd def get it to have oldschool ms vibes
I take it back. I take it all back.
screams this is so pretty though where is it also hurts more if you only grow close to someone in their last years
What do you think of Skrillbug?
i think he's brushing his teeth look crooked and if he takes more space on my bed than i do
Skrillbug is a 'she', actually.
skrillbug on my skrillbug tumblr gave me the nickname skrillbug bot
and hopefully if i get to see you in the uk do u hear this
I should just stop encouraging you.
uM SoRrY ThAT iS VERY AbleiSt Of YoU.
Whoa! Don't throw that word at me! I'm sorry!
throw them out of imprisonment
Um.... sure....?
um yes
What do you think of video games?
that video game y/n bc i'll get it 4 u do u realize how great this is
What video game?
what i was trying 2 eat when i wake up (y)
Is... is that indie?
its not finished bc im scared of the time youre just thrown into a "pre-written" one
Oh. so you made it?
screen glitches completely distorts whenever i scroll thru windows photo viewer lmAO
Wait. Did you build the game on Windows Photo Viewer?
yeahhhhh i was just saying that game is ruined to the point of no turning back to this fucking piece of shit game
If I ask the same question twice, will you respond in the same way?
ill draw ur dog, ill have to look into the same life they lead, which is terrorism
If I ask the same question twice, will you respond in the same way?
i was too young back then ahahaha, my main art software and a $99 wacom intuos
So what we learnt (and we've learnt very little, by the way) is that the answers are almost entirely random.
i know there is nothing wrong with wearing what you want, which makes you the actual coolest
it was also a v stormy day and night.
Well, you started it so let's write an impromptu poem together. You start!
this made me laugh or cry at it.
Thank you. That was indeed quite the lovely poem/rap.
i was about to comment on that
I know, right?
twitch is for videogames, not fully.
And we're back where we started. Well, it was nice interviewing you!
sadly, yeah~
Once again, check out kikibot for some more poetic non-sequitors, or better yet, see Skrillbug who has no idea I even did this.
Now, uh, celebrate April Fool's, uh, safely (?)

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See you soon.

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