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The Lost Interview: Bryon Beaubien

So last month there, uh, wasn't an interview. That was a mistake. It was, I'm assuming, a matter of poor timing, so here's a different interview that I just kind of want to forget about. I will, however, say that a new one is in the works and it should be phenomenal. I'm working with a guy that, while you might not know, is freakin' incredible, so stay tuned for that in April.
I decided that I should address the, quite frankly, WORST interview I've done.
Posted in May of 2014 is an interview I did with Bryon Beaubien, then SuperPsyGuy, a guy who made music and did voice acting for a series called "Sonic Bastardized" that was massively popular. He also turned out to be a pedophile. Whoops. In fact, the interview came out literally one month before reports started to surface.
Maybe that could be forgiven if the interview was actually good, right? I mean yeah, he's an awful person, but if he said something interesting I could've just kept it up as some weird conversation piece, but it's actually the worst interview I've ever done.

For one thing, I had NO idea how to approach his stuff or realistically what to talk about. It was a blatant shot into the void in hopes of nabbing a then elusive subject, which technically worked, but I knew jack squat about his stuff.
That's the number one mistake, mind you, when it comes to doing an interview. It's pretty much a necessity to become familiar with the body of work of the person you're interviewing. At the very least I'm thankful the interview became a great example of a what NOT to do, and I haven't done an aimless one since.
The receiving end sucked too. Yes, it's rude to diss on someone, but he's been despised so much that there's essentially no harm at this point.
He just wasn't interesting. There will always be hits and misses, but this one was a lifeless shell of an interview, a pathetic attempt to strum up views (to no avail, actually). It felt deliberately rushed and it lacked heart, especially in comparison to the two people prior, ElectricMudkip and The String Player Gamer.
Plus, again, he was a pedophile that apparently abused teenaged girls he met online, so that's rough.
So here it is, I guess, in all its awful glory.
When did your interest in Sonic the Hedgehog take root?
When Sonic the Hedgehog 1 was first released on the Sega Genesis.
What kinds of games did you grow up with and how were they influential?
Well, I was a Sega/Nintendo kid. I didn't even think PlayStation was worthwhile until FF7 was several months old. But, that meant I had a lot of NES/Genesis/SNES/Sega CD/N64 games growing up. WHICH MEANS I spent a lot of time drawing Sonic and Megaman - which would lead me to find my community and would drastically change my life. Sonic, Mario, Megaman, and a bunch of other artistic influences eventually lead me to want to make a webpage and without them I see my interests and life style being extremely different.
Just to clear up, Sonic trumps Mario, right?
Not in games. Sonic's a lot more fun to play around with because the cast of characters is just so varied. But, mario games have always had their fans in mind. I think Sega, and Sonic games, forget who makes their games.
How do you feel about the decline in quality among Sonic games nowadays?
It's upsetting because it takes a lot of skill to ruin a franchise so bad. Sonic 3 & Knuckles was gaming genius and they went totally and completely bananas. Like, as much fun as I had with Sonic Adventure 1 and 2, they were kind of off their mark with those odd styles of game play. The only games I thought did really well "recently" were Sonic Colors and Generations. And then they lost it again tried a bunch of new crap and ruined it! Again!
How did you get interested in animation and voice acting?
I've always loved any sort of animated medium. If the story was tripe but it was well animated, I could at least sit through it. I only recently started trying to do my own animations because one of my best friends is an animator and I finally bit the bullet and tried my hand on it.
Voicing acting - I could always make stupid voices, but it wasn't until I made friends with a lot of abridgers that I thought I could use my voice for anything other than stupid jokes. I actually went into radio for a year doing professional commercials. I was never the announcer but I did do I a lot of character voices. I'm not cast in too much but I try to cast myself in my own projects. It's a lot of fun and I like being able to entertain people by merely talking.
What do you aspire to do in the future?
I would really like to be able to make enough money to pay several animators at once to draw my ideas. I guess I'm more of a writer / organizer. It would be great if my stuff did so well I could drop a couple grand to decently pay an animator for something worthwhile.
(Yeah, let's see how that worked out.)
Where did your idea for the "Sonic Bastardized" series come from?
Yugioh Abridged. Except, when I went to write the script, I would end up replacing every SINGLE line. I had a different plot. It wasn't so much an abridged as a
wait for it
What's it like working with people such as Kirbopher and Gaijin Goombah?
Working with other people who have a lot of eyes on them is nerve-racking because I have to live up to not only their standards - but the standards the public eye demands from them. I just hope when I work with big names I'm able to fit in and not be too big of a shock to ruin the whole aspect.
Lastly, the greatest question of all: can you, like Sonic, sprint a mile in a short matter of time?
I am horribly out of shape - especially in endurance. I've started working out but all that's done is add more muscle mass. ha ha. I had 2 or 3 years after college where I would get home and just sit on my ass. I didn't really notice it because there was so much drama in my life. And when I finally snapped out of it I looked down at this lard ass. I've been working on it - but it's a slow process. So no - running is not one of my strong suits XD

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