Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Greatest New Channel on Youtube

So recently a new channel was created and it's currently freakin' exploding. GiIvaSunner is a strange channel designed entirely as a bait-and-switch, luring in unexpecting viewers into what appears to eb a simple video game music rip, only to get something much, much better. But first, some background to what the heck is going on.
GilvaSunner was originally a massively popular Youtube account which, similar to the likes of BrawlBRSTRMS3, serves to post rips of video game music and make them much more accessible. It was, however, ended abruptly, being entirely abandoned, leaving quite a few people confused.
Quite frankly, peddling video game music rips is a risky move. Even without making any form of profit from it, video game companies love to wreck havoc on them over copyright infringement whether or not such a thing actually occurred. Either way, his channel was essentially forgotten.
And then GiIvaSunner came.

Created only two months ago, it at first looks almost exactly the same as the original channel. There's a vast collection of music, updating itself with an almost never-ending line-up of tracks every second.
And that's when the crazy begins.
You see, GiIvaSunner is NOT GilvaSunner. (Note, for example, the expertly-placed "I" in the first term.) While the tracks tend to start off normal, they quickly veer off into the strange and unexpected every single time.
Some tracks never start, looping to an eternity. Others slip in an expertly-placed Fred Flintstone theme. Some are topical. And, of course, the bulk of them are darn-fine mashups.
Whether or not I've written it yet on this blog, I just want to say that I think mashups are incredible. It's a juxtaposition of two unlike things into a perfectly fluid, cohesive piece, often resulting in hilarity and flat-out bewilderment. These guys have an impeccable ear, basically, and the fact that they churn out mashups like a factory is incredible. There's a reason why I eventually want to interview a mashup artist, but when that day comes I still have no idea.
Despite all the fascinating touches, though, the tracks are not labeled as such, and when questioned, the channel reminds us that it merely posts rips. It's the perfect crime.
As such, it attracts attention from those not merely after mashups but any poor soul who clicks on a link for Super Mario Sunshine music only to get Smash Mouth. It's a spectacular marketing of what mashup artists have to offer, and while no credit is given to secure the illusion, their work gets known. It gets talked about. And eventually, they'll become even more known than they were before. I'm so smitten with it; it's brilliant in its own strange way, and while it surely started out as an inside joke, I wouldn't be surprised if one day it knocked the original Gilva off his pedestal and exploded into its own independent force.
(Also, it led to Gilva resurfacing himself as, at the very least,
alive and well, and its good to know that he's cool with it.)
For the last article where I wrote about the concept of 'manufactured nostalgia' and roasted a fair deal of poor adolescent kids, CLICK HERE.
This month's gonna have an odd line-up, so let's see what happens.

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