Sunday, March 20, 2016

How to Do an Interview

Interviews are, as I have probably mentioned thousands of times, my favorite part of running a blog. There's something genuinely rewarding about having the chance to actually talk to someone you don't really know, to familiarize yourself with this person, and to learn things about a person which would otherwise not be heard.
While I could also say that it allows me to suffer less in that I only do half the writing, it's really only a side-bonus.
Just for the sake of it, I'm gonna go through the process of how I find someone I want to interview and the do's and don't's, because I can't tell you how many times I've messed up.
If you want to do an interview, it goes without saying that you're gonna need a person to, y'know, interview.
In terms of selecting a person, I try to switch between people of different works; for example, I try to avoid doing several musicians in a row. It's for the sake of keeping things fresh.
In addition, I want to find people who haven't been interviewed before. There are naturally going to be exceptions, and that's fine, but getting to work with someone who hasn't been through the process before is enjoyable in that you know that they will put effort into it; they won't act like a "cool cat" and copy-and-paste answers, and realistically, they're always gonna be humble.
Also important: this isn't a game of Pokemon. Don't try to get people just for the sake of them being "popular"; I've done it before and it's been disastrous. Find somebody that you admire that is approachable and don't think, "Pfft, JonTron would respond" because why the eff would you do that?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Lost Interview: Bryon Beaubien

So last month there, uh, wasn't an interview. That was a mistake. It was, I'm assuming, a matter of poor timing, so here's a different interview that I just kind of want to forget about. I will, however, say that a new one is in the works and it should be phenomenal. I'm working with a guy that, while you might not know, is freakin' incredible, so stay tuned for that in April.
I decided that I should address the, quite frankly, WORST interview I've done.
Posted in May of 2014 is an interview I did with Bryon Beaubien, then SuperPsyGuy, a guy who made music and did voice acting for a series called "Sonic Bastardized" that was massively popular. He also turned out to be a pedophile. Whoops. In fact, the interview came out literally one month before reports started to surface.
Maybe that could be forgiven if the interview was actually good, right? I mean yeah, he's an awful person, but if he said something interesting I could've just kept it up as some weird conversation piece, but it's actually the worst interview I've ever done.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Greatest New Channel on Youtube

So recently a new channel was created and it's currently freakin' exploding. GiIvaSunner is a strange channel designed entirely as a bait-and-switch, luring in unexpecting viewers into what appears to eb a simple video game music rip, only to get something much, much better. But first, some background to what the heck is going on.
GilvaSunner was originally a massively popular Youtube account which, similar to the likes of BrawlBRSTRMS3, serves to post rips of video game music and make them much more accessible. It was, however, ended abruptly, being entirely abandoned, leaving quite a few people confused.
Quite frankly, peddling video game music rips is a risky move. Even without making any form of profit from it, video game companies love to wreck havoc on them over copyright infringement whether or not such a thing actually occurred. Either way, his channel was essentially forgotten.
And then GiIvaSunner came.