Friday, February 5, 2016

Serenade: Goodbye, Old Channel

Today, I kiss my old channel goodbye.
Started on September 13th, 2013, it served as a hub for absolutely nothing.

First and foremost, a hardy thanks to JakeFromStateFarm, the first person to subscribe to me. (I still have no idea why you did that, Jake.)
There were also many great comments. And many awful ones.
In fact, I'm willing to argue that the vast majority were completely awful.
I don't want to have to talk about all of the awful, regrettable stints on the channel (including, but not limited to at least ONE Bob comment back in '13. Yikes). Let's just say some of my comments are probably on a cringe compilation on Youtube; that's how bad they were.
But I'm not here to talk about the bad. I'm here to celebrate, to lay this wretched channel to rest (and with it, that awful GoAnimate! video).
So here are some of the highlights.
My favorite moment has to be when a comment from Brutalmoose's Sociolotron video became the host of some long-term RP.
 No idea how that happened. No idea at all.
There's also this comment that got featured on YIAY #69 from the Jacksfilms channel.
There have also been a handful of notable interactions, including with JelloApocalypse (whom I've written about here), Mike Falzone (here), Scykoh (who had to pee), Mike Rugnetta at  Idea Channel (who responded with "sup". We also had an exchange of variations of "Hello" at some point), countless with ThisExists, and a particularly memorable one with ThreadBanger.
The scariest moment was when I made a joke about the mention of Pepsi Max in an Olan Rogers video, and my idol responded. My advice: make jokes blatant or else risk humiliating yourself.

It's cool though. I talked to him on Twitter and everything's A-OK.

And how fitting of a person to end this.

 For my new channel, click here. Nothing's gonna happen there for at least three years, though.

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