Saturday, February 27, 2016

Current State of Affairs

I'd say that so far, most things have been going pretty okay.
The last article somehow conjured up over 50 views, over twice as much as the last interview and a solid 1.5 times more than most articles, so it just goes to show how unpredictable my limited 'audience' is.
The idea of an interview this month looks kind of unlikely, but that just means I'll push it back a week or two. I already have March's done. It's a little... unique, I suppose? Either way, I'll just write a standard article to keep this blog grounded for a while.
I've been trying to write an article every week, and it's been surprisingly effective. This year is looking to be the polar opposite of last year; last May there was only one article and last month there were 31, for instance. I'm aiming for an ideal frequency of one every week.
So, uh, see you in a few days.

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