Sunday, February 21, 2016

A Thought to Chew: Manufactured 'Nostalgia'

The main issue that got me interested in writing about the concept of what I like to call "manufactured nostalgia" is as follows.
Sonic Colors
Wanna play the guessing game? When you hover over each image,
it'll tell you what game is being referred to.
If you listen to video game music on Youtube, you'll notice a hefty issue, a massive blemish abducting the comments section: kids talking about "NOSTALGIA."
Now, there are exceptions to this mislabeling. For example, in the case of games released, let's say, pre-2005, the labeling of nostalgia is acceptable enough. Games such as Wind Waker, Pokemon RSE, and Super Mario Sunshine, while all existing in the 21st century, are still passable enough, despite being considerably more recent releases. 
The issue lies in games such as Pokemon DPPt and BW, Super Mario Galaxy, Sonic Generations, Kirby's Epic Yarn, etc. These are NOT games that are nostalgic: they are memorable as games, but not in such a manner for you to write a public, two-paragraph love letter to "shaping my childhood".
There are a few reasons why I'm sure this confusion happens. For one thing, games are constantly changing: while Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 only came out less than four years ago, because they were the last games before the major graphical changes for the 3DS, people get a fake nostalgia because of its relative primitiveness compared to newer games.
Similarly, if the next game down the line is a gargantuan mess, people will fall back on the previous, declaring the new one "the end of an era", yapping incessantly of their nostalgia and how it's now ruined. 
The largest reason, of course, is age. The vast majority of kids online (or, more realistically, the vast majority online. Zinger.) are completely unaware of the concept of the progression of time. What happened last year is now a distant memory to reflect upon, and what game came out when they were seven is now nostalgic at 12.
I understand comparing games and complaining about broad leaps, but I just can't support your gushing out of a yearning for the simpler time of 2012 and how you wish the world had ended so that Sonic Boom would've never been made. I don't want to scroll down and see the first comment talk about how Super Mario 3D World gives you nostalgia for Super Mario Galaxy 2. And I don't want to see you mindlessly ramble on about how Pokemon X and Y ruined the series and destroyed your childhood.
You're not Squealer from Animal Farm. Your pointless mumbling means nothing.
Also, to finish off this letter to all of you self-involved tweens out there: stop using your full names on Youtube and stop using your favorite, "artfully-cropped" hentai shots. The combination of the two only helps support how toxic you are. The only way it could possibly get worse is if you used pictures of your Minecraft avatar or of obsolete video "psychological" "horror" "games" from 2014, but thankfully, we know those kinds of people don't actually exist, right? (Precociously avoids Undertale)
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