Saturday, January 9, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 9: Guide to the Lord of the Rings

This is the ninth leg of a thirty-parter. For the last article, it's right here.
Today's video is Guide to the Lord of the Rings by the King of the Internet, Neil Cicierega.

Neil Cicierega has always been an omnipresent force online and has basically invented many parts of the Internet through his strange works. Among his achievements were The Ultimate Showdown, Brodyquest, and Harry Potter's Puppet Pals, as well as creating a whole subgenre of animation referred to as "Animutation".
Somehow, he's still going too.
In Guide to The Lord of the Rings, he goes through the entire plot of the trilogy, but mispronouncing and misinterpreting everything possible in JRPG Torkelson's Lorne of the Rings, directed by Tito Jackson. It's a simple comedic premise, but it works due to how bizarre the whole affair is. It somehow takes the already ridiculous names of all of the characters and makes them more ridiculous, such as turning Frodo Baggins into Fraggle Batches, a Hobo living in The Sewers in the land of Google Earth.
The whole video is six minutes of rapid-fire mispronunciations, somehow going over the entire plot of the series without actually saying anything, and it's great.
For a playlist of my favorite videos, click here. (It grows daily.)

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