Friday, January 8, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 8: Every Inspirational Video Ever

Goin' strong.
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Today's video is "Every Inspirational Video Ever" by Nacho Punch.
I've always enjoyed parodies, though I'm not really sure why. While it can be considered low-hanging fruit and an excuse to avoid making original content, I feel almost the exact opposite in the sense that it requires a complete understanding of what is being mocked and a heckuva lot of effort to make it resemble what is being parodied.
Such is the case for the aptly-named "Every Inspirational Video Ever."
There have been many parodies aimed at the art of inspirational videos, though I feel that this one came the closest to emulating them. It includes everything, from a preachy message to the strange-paced speech with emphasis on every other word. What I like the most is that the video successfully makes itself sound profound when in reality nothing in it really means anything and it becomes a non-sequitored mess, not unlike most motivational videos.
As such, the acute details in making it as accurately baffling yet heartfelt genuinely pay off.
For a playlist of my favorite videos, click here. (It grows daily.)

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