Thursday, January 7, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 7: Cat Soap Opera

Hey look, I'm back! Didn't expect that to happen.
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Today's video is Cat Soap Opera by Barely Productions on the Field Day channel.
To the uninformed, Field Day is a channel that basically finds well-known people on Youtube and gives them the reins to make basically whatever they want, usually with a shockingly high production value.
One of my favorite videos is the self-explanatory "Cat Soap Opera," a video filmed as the pilot of a TV show on a hospital where people and cats work side by side. 
The comedy comes from how the cats are spun into it so effortlessly with perfection. They weren't shoehorned in for the sake of comedy, nor were they emphasized; rather, the were given the same level of significance, going far beyond a stupid joke. In fact, it could be argued it became a SERIES of stupid jokes.
The main frame of the narrative is the intensity between Mr. Whiskerstein and Chase Buchanan III, as Chase lost his eye in the rage of the cat, thus preventing him from being allowed to perform further surgeries. In addition, there are several smaller vignettes tangled in to emphasize that this IS a hospital where things are always happening; another dramatic subplot involves a woman getting eye surgery (this video has a lot of stuff about eyes) so she can finally see her husband (a cat: surprise!) It helps make the whole thing feel like a sitcom in the sense that we have multiple narratives with one dominant but with many still "significant".
The argument that the internet is cats is a strong one, but at the very least, this one goes beyond just "Hey look! This cat looks funny!", giving a strangely humorous tale of, to quote the ending ballad:
"Cat Hospital; it's a hospital that's run by humans and cats; meow x50"
For a playlist of my favorite videos, click here. (It grows daily.)

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