Sunday, January 31, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 31: Cat Hug

The final video, folks.
This is it, though if you missed yesterday's, you can get that out of the way fast enough.
The final video is one more by Olan Rogers: Cat Hug.

First of all, for some more backstory on Olan, here's the article from Day One. I thought it fit to start and end with my favorite Youtuber of all time.
While Echoes Through the Wall showcased Olan's immaculate ability to tell stories, his sketches are truly where his channel excels the most. They all bear his witty sense of humor with an almost childlike wonder. No matter how ridiculous the idea, he makes magic out of them.
In the case of Cat Hug, Olan has returned home after a short trip and is immediately confronted by his dog and cat, Starscream.
To those who don't know, Starscream has become Olan's most recurring 'actor', almost always playing opposite of him and countering his 'rationale' (which is naturally based on exaggeration) with extreme violence. For example, in one of her most memorable outings, she nailed Olan with a slingshot and some marbles, and more recently, set up a dart security system. This one, however, shows a much different, caring side.
All of this, however, goes awry when, in excitement for a hug, she flies out the window and chaos ensues.
The video has two components: Starscream flying across the world and Olan's conversation with Thomas Gore (a welcome Balloon Shop buddy) trying to make sense of everything.
It all ends up being a running-start to the hug, and before you get worried, yes, the hug happens, ending the video in the most hilarious way possible.
While most sketch-based channels struggle with ideas (for example, CollegeHumor as in yesterday's article), Olan never misses. Perhaps this is because he is truly a down-to-earth figure. He truly loves his fans and he does nothing for money. Heck, this guy turned down a chance to go to VidCon because he thought there was someone more deserving of the treatment.
Many channels turn almost superficial when they become successful. Olan never has nor does he plan to. He's just a person, and quite frankly, that's the most admirable thing about him.
Tomorrow, I will release a complete list of all the articles and a small reflection of the experience. See you in February.

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