Saturday, January 30, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 30: Don't Look At The Comments

One left, and trust me, it's the best one.
But first, this one, and if you missed yesterday's, this one as well.
Today's video is Don't Look At The Comments from CollegeHumor.

Look, I'm not gonna be the first to admit that CollegeHumor is pretty polarizing. People either hate it or are completely impartial about it.
There's no denying the wealth of questionable, sweeping statements they can make, such as their channel parodies. For the sake of this being a "gaming" blog, I'm gonna bring up Every Youtube Gamer Ever, which definitely ruffled quite a few feathers. (Sure, half of it is from the lack of distinction between "Let's Players" and game reviewers, a blatant mistake on their part, but I digress.)
I myself am impartial: I feel that their sketches either hit or miss, a common issue with sketch channels that strike it big (note Smosh, still churning out those "HILARIOUS" penis jokes.) Thankfully, this one worked really well.
The premise is that the cast is struggling to make it through a lackluster sketch when they get interrupted by the presence of Youtube comments. The point of the video is to highlight how blatantly insufferable the comments section is, constantly interrupting them at every phase.
Sure, the idea may be conceptually lazy and tried, but the execution is strong. Each 'comment' highlights pretty much every type of bad comment, with such lines as "There's five separate threads debating what constitutes rape and someone with an anime avatar just said the N-word."
That's only at the start of the video, and it keeps building higher and higher until the eventual crack in the form of "WE'RE NOT BUZZFEED."  
Arguably the best part was the fact that everybody in the comments section played along with the premise. Someone even went and made an ASCII sink that says "Drip drop" for the sake of the video. I looked it up; that guy actually went through the trouble of making it themselves. That's dedication.
Drip Drop
                                   / /` `\ \
                                   | |     [__]
                                   | |      {{
                                   | |       }}
                             _    | |    _ {{
            _______<_>_| |_<_>}}______
           .=======^=(___)=^ {{======.
          / .                                }}             \
         / /|                               {{            |\ \
       / / |                                 }}             | \ \
      (  '========================='  )

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