Sunday, January 3, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 3: ANIME CLICHÉS (YIAY #208)

Welcome back! Today's video is ANIME CLICHÉS by John Douglass. By the way, if you missed yesterday's post, click here.

John Douglass, aka Jacksfilms, is a channel that seems to have people on either one side or the other. His work is not necessarily polarizing out of the sense that he's a character constantly getting himself into trouble, but that many are unable to appreciate his work, especially his YIAY series.
The formula is simple: he asks a question, and relies on the comments to supply answers, usually to bizarre results. The issue is his overabundance in it; considering that it's not relatively difficult for him to make, he can produce them more quickly, leaving many to consider it pointless filler, though admittedly, there are a lot of good episodes.
The one that I chose, centered on clichés found in anime, is one of his finest, especially considering my point of view as an outsider when it comes to anime. What comes out of it are a series of responses ranging from expected ("There is ALWAYS a beach episode") to hilariously specific ("Side ponytail mom dies"), all flowing together with Jack's trademark, big ol' forehead.

Other great episodes of YIAY include:
-A New Flag for Antarctica
and, of course, HOW TO QUIT YOUR JOB.  Oh, and who's that fine man at 0:15? *clears throat

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