Friday, January 29, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 29: Super Mario Maker: Custom Sound Effects Gameplay

Two remain, and I'm pretty excited for both.
But first, this gem.
For another gem, see what I posted yesterday and evaluate if it truly counts as a 'gem' unanimously.
Today's video is  Super Mario Maker: Custom Sound Effects Gameplay from Polygon.

If ever there were an odd fit for this list, it's most certainly this one.
I was introduced to this video from an excerpt on the BadMiiversePosts Twitter account. (And for your information, I will never stop gloating that I got to interview such a voice of this generation.) And I freaking loved it.
It was only a month later that I realized that it was a small portion of a massive video, and that's how we got here.
In all honesty, this is little more than a glorified showcasing of Super Mario Maker's abilities for customization, but it's so painfully dumb that I find it hilarious, probably because I like to act as if I have a higher sense of humor when it's probably even lower than anybody else's.
Once you get over the intro which basically says, "Hey. You can use noise," the juicy meat of the video begins. How succulent it is.
We suddenly get bombarded by an assortment of the Internet's worst sound effects, ranging from "WHAT ARE THOOOO-" to Shia Labeouf. Because of the way the level was designed, however, with Mario jumping on the Goombas which serve as the trigger, you end up with an enjoyable stutter of "Jus-Jus-Jus. DO IT!" Repetition is admittedly my soft spot in comedy.
The best part is the celebratory walk down "Grunt Land," and a lovely serenade from the godly voice of Tim from Home Improvement.
It's an avant-garde masterpiece.

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