Thursday, January 28, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 28: Top 10 Top 10 Lists

Three left.
I can do this.
For yesterday's entry, chew on this.
Today's video is Top 10 Top 10 Lists from Jacksfilms.
First of all, if you missed the article from day 3 and Jack's massive forehead, click here.
At this point, you're probably thinking, "Why is this guy doing all these repeats?" It's not because I'm running out of things to put (those entries were just scattered around. Shhh.) I do genuinely appreciate Jack's work and, while his attitude remains largely the same throughout his videos, the content itself varies greatly.
This video, a mockery of channels based entirely off list videos (as evidenced by his hatred of, which is understandable) with the most meta concept: a top 10 lists of top 10s.
Each one serves to showcase a facet of his personality and many of his unique styles across his videos. For example, it starts with the top 10 1D members, all of which are poorly-photoshopped with completely ungraspable names (is 'ungraspable' a word? I'm saying it is). There's also the lists that make no sense at all, such as the top 10 Minecrafts, the mandatory demeaning of 'Ray Mysterio Johnson', and some classic self-deprecation among other things.
The best segments were probably 'Top 10 Words from 2014 that should Stay in 2014' and 'Top 10 Shades of Grey'. The latter is a wholly stupid premise which Jack is willing to embrace, with entries such as "Black. That... That's a shade of grey, yup." and "Gray with an 'a'". The former pokes fun at the unnecessarily expanding lexicon from 2014 (the video was released in January, mind you), remarkably serving as a reminder that there weren't any dank memes back then. (Thank God.) Some entries include "Bitcoin: I never figured out what that was." and "Dad: dads aren't even real."A
Again, everything is so stupid but Jack is so aware that the whole thing carries across. Despite his catchphrase of "random ≠ funny," the video managed to pull it off due to the fact that it didn't force its randomness in an obnoxious way (if that makes any sense at all, which I assume it doesn't).

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