Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 27: Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies in Video Games

I'm slowly dying.
For yesterday's article, click here. It was tailored specially for you.
Today's video is Top 10 Most Annoying Enemies in Videos Games by SpaceHamster.

Disclaimer: originally planned to do Jeff's equally-phenomenal Sonic Bootlegs and Hacks video, but there were issues in the GIF-making process.
(Basically, GIPHY, the superior website, only makes GIFS for videos under 15 minutes, and the few GIFs of the video online had an annoying watermark. The only site that can handle longer videos is, which sucks because it always gets stuck loading and takes minutes if it manages to actually work. I just found one from The Annoying Enemies video without a watermark and used it instead.)
While many are quick to call out Jeff as a PBG-Jontron hybrid rip-off, that's really not the case. The only real similarity is that he's on an equally goofy level, which is basically an ESSENTIAL TRAIT to success on Youtube, might I add.
He excels most in lists, I feel. It's kind of strange: few Youtubers ever seem to utilize the list in such a strong way, but I feel that he and PBG are the only people who've really made it their own. It seems as if most game reviewers sacrifice their style for the sake of making a list, but when Jeff or Austin make one, it's still distinctly stylistic and far from generic.
His list of the most annoying enemies is exactly what it advertises, but each entry is enjoyable. While many are predictable, such as Zubats in Mt. Moon and Creepers from Minecraft, he imbues in them a refreshing perspective beyond "I just hate them".
Perhaps the video's finest moment is Jeff's parody of those awful 12 year-old Minecraft Let's Plays. (Or, quite frankly, Let's Plays in general.) The way he hunches too close to the mic and the annunciation of all the words ("C'mon let's go."), as well as that cringey MLG Pro editing (which I'm admittedly a tiny bit of a sucker for if used properly) make it some of the most memorable 30 seconds on the whole channel. Oh, and there's also the triumphant return of Dr. Hamham besting Jeff in a Final Fantasy card game.
The video ends with a nice Pogo remix involving the ReDeads from Ocarina of Time, so there's enjoyment to be had at almost every second. Basically, if you haven't seen it, that's effed up.

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