Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 26: E.T. 2

Pull up a seat, folks. This one's something else.
For the last article, click here. After 25 variations, it becomes a struggle to figure out another.
Today's video is E.T. 2, another video from Filthy Frank.
(Also, this video is very M-rated. Duh.)

 If you missed the earlier post where I talked about another of Frank's videos and wrote a bit about him, click this.
So, another Filthy Frank video. He's the guy that I honestly hate to love, putting my sense of humor back a step and onto the same level as a freshman high school student.
Those were some awful times.
Moving on to the video because I can't think of a good segue:
E.T. 2 is another of Frank's more recent videos that I feel elevates the bar. It's atypical, I feel, as it doesn't follow the same pattern. It has its gross-out moments, and a fair amount of them might I add, its overabundance of swearing, and Frank's persona, but the video takes a more cinematic route.
Yes, I'm going to discuss the cinematography of Filthy Frank. Kind of. But first, some backstory. The video is almost a spiritual successor to E.T., but not really. Frank stumbles upon an alien in Manhattan who asks for the real experience: "Sex, drugs, and women." Exactly that happens, and what follows is a downhill spiral as it overtakes their lives and tears them apart. (There's really no easy explanation, to be fair.)
I like how it seemed a lot more complex, and many of the shots were actually done exquisitely. In fact, it seems that Frank's videos are becoming more and more cinematic in quality instead of his typical "standing in a room with stuff happening around him sometimes". For example, the RICE BALLS music video starts with an enjoyable 31 second long-sequence. Back to the video at-hand though: it's filled with lots of glorious slow-motion sequences with hard-hitting trap music to strengthen it all. All of these brief moments- mostly involving joints, money, and cocaine- are encapsulated and done in an almost awe-inspiring manner.
The writing is also enjoyable. For once, a character actually counters the outgoing nature of Frank, with the alien throwing around slurs and profanity even more aggressively. It's an interesting route to take, as usually all the other characters play a straight man to Frank (at least compared to Frank, though they're pretty insane as well), but it pays off.
Even when it seems far off, it tries not to stray too far from Frank's source material, as it still has a plethora of outside scenes, featuring Pink Guy (another strange character) and Frank messing around in general and vomiting up blood in front of an abortion protestor, who takes it in astonishingly good heart. (The Elmo in the background does not.) Honestly, I felt that most of them were kind of weak- for example, Pink Guy's excursion seems absolutely pointless. Frank calls upon him to find the missing alien only for him to show up in the next scene with no connection- but it didn't off-center the video too much.

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