Monday, January 25, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 25: Check Out My Mixtape

Half a dozen left to go until this blog essentially dies.
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Today's video is Check Out My Mixtape from 8JTVComedy.

Mixtapes have a bad reputation on the Internet. While there have undoubtedly been many great ones, the issue of the fact that anyone can make one makes it the laughing stock of the online world.
Perhaps the most successful video to discuss the stupidity of mixtapes was in Filthy Frank's Bad Internet Rappers, showcasing the generally cocky attitude of Internet rappers and mixtape-peddlers.
Hot off of its tail came this video a few months later.
The videos are, in many ways, similar. For example, both showcase how the 'artists' attempt to force the mixtapes unto others. The main difference, other than in presentation, is that this video does a better job at demonstrating mixtapes independent of the cycle of Internet rapping, which Frank only limited to a small part of his video.
Moving on.
Check Out My Mixtape is a series of short skits revolving around a guy and his attempt to force people to listen to his mixtape. The joy comes from the ridiculousness of the situation and the enjoyable writing as our 'hero' tries to put it in the donation basket during church procession, interrupting a wedding ceremony, and so on with each scenario doing a solid job of heightening the tension.
As a whole, it's a strong "F*** you" to mixtape artists, playing off of their dire need to be noticed in the music industry. Sure, it might not be the finest video, but it does what it set out to do and it does it swimmingly.

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