Saturday, January 23, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 23: Halloween Costumes: Easy to Get Wrong

We're going full Halloween, so buckle up.
For yesterday's entry, click here. I'm seriously running out of funny things to say at this point.
Today's video is Halloween Costumes: Easy to Get Wrong from Third Leg Studios.

Halloween Costumes is an example of a one-joke premise executed perfectly, a task that is anything but easy.
In the case of this video, it involves the hypocritical nature of topical Halloween costumes and ISIS and constructs a brilliant satire built around society's one-sided views of what's acceptable and what isn't.
The premise is that a man dressed as an ISIS militant is berated for donning an offensive costume by people in arguably equally-offensive costumes that are, regardless, frequent choices that don't often drum up controversy.
For instance, among the guests who shake their heads and give bewildered looks at the poor subject are Adolf Hitler, an inflatable penis, and Jimmy Saville, who, to those like me who don't hail from the British isles, was a radio host with a history of having pootang with the corpses of children and owned jewelry made of body parts.
Basically, he makes Bill Cosby look like nothing at all.
To top it all off, a shake of the head from a passing klansman seals the deal, as well as a fun little twist at the very end.

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