Thursday, January 21, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 21: John Cena - 7 Minutes in Heaven

Ten more days.
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Today's video is John Cena - 7 Minutes in Heaven from Above Average.

To those who don't know, 7 Minutes in Heaven is a webseries involving comedian and once SNL castmember and writer Mike O'Brien talking to a celebrity in a closet, ending with a typically awkward kiss.
It's a simple premise, and with Mike O'Brien being his consistently enjoyable-yet-slightly-awkward self, we rely heavily on the other person's willingness to compromise to create something memorable, and it's fair to say that he had quite the fair amount of magic with WWE superstar and Internet icon John Cena.
Sure, Cena lacks the personality of others such as Reggie Watt's oddball energy and Jon Glaser's intensifying intent of getting the notorious kiss over with, but he does an admirable enough job as a simple beefcake without too many eclectic mannerisms.
The joy, while stemming largely from the kisses (of which there were two), also stems from how Cena seemed to actually enjoy being there, giving odd answers about his joyous love for haberdasheries in his youth and his nightmares as a limo driver.
It's an odd choice for a video, but when both parties reap so much enjoyment out of being in that small a space (or, as one commenter noted, precisely two Cenas wide a space), it deserves it.

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