Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 20: Top 10 WORST Licensed Games

Onwards to defeat!
If you want to read the last article, find it your own dang self.
Today's video is Top 10 WORST Licensed Games by PeanutButterGamer.
Ghost Ride the Whip, maaaan.
"Wow, Matt, it took you 20 days before you talked about a video involving video games on a blog with the core theme of video games?" 
Either way, I finally have the chance to talk about PBG, so I'm pretty sure it's a complete win-win.
There are few channels on Youtube where I feel like the person who runs it is always having fun, but Austin Hargrave always seems to have a blast, and it shows in all of his videos, which are filled to the brim with his infectious personality and charisma.
He's also among the few that manages to go against the old comedy code of "swearing=funny", and his lack of swearing makes his videos even more enjoyable. He's essentially the Olan Rogers of video game reviews, which makes complete sense as a fan of Balloonshop.
If anything, he's been a large inspiration for this blog. (Can we forget the brief time period where there was a lot of swear words? People experiment.)
Back to the video, though, where he discusses ten awful licensed games, a relatively difficult feat considering the dazzling array of mistakes he had to choose from. There were the expected- E.T., which completely killed the gaming industry and a handful of Disney cash-grabs that essentially equate to shovelware ("Cole, my 2 dollars..... Cole....")- as well as some that look amazing, such as Pimp My Ride, but we'll get back to that momentarily.
The joy comes from the interspersed footage spread throughout, featuring a kid with a crook ("This is my crook..." "Uh huh.") and Regis Philbin ("I'm your biggest fan. (heavy breathing)") which have always been a staple of PBG's videos, helping to keep everything on its toes so no moment ever really gets dull.
Oh, and that Pimp My Ride thing I just mentioned? It's quite possibly one of the channel's finest moments, featuring Austin stumbling along his car and "ghost riding the whip". It was so good that he made a sequel which was somehow even better

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