Monday, January 18, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 18: I'm Probably Going to Hell

If you're the sad sap that missed out on the last one, don't be sad! Here it is!Admittedly, though, you'd probably be happier if you didn't.
Today's video is I'm Probably Going to Hell by William Haynes.

I admit that I don't watch many channels with a heavy reliance on vlog-style videos. I've never been that into hearing about other people's lives, though there is one exception: William Haynes.
His strong suit is in his relatability. His videos aren't about taking the kids to Disney World or anything of that sort. They're about being a regular person without all of those elusive privileges that only serve to further isolate the viewer from the person. He's humble and solely self-deprecating, unafraid to talk about his imperfections as a person.
In I'm Probably Going to Hell, he talks about the seven deadly sins and how he commits all of them on a regular basis, which admittedly we all do, going on to say, "The world does not need my ten-hour showers (Screw you environment!), wasting the world's resources and energy charging my laptop that would be put to better use literally anywhere else in the whole world, and most importantly, the world definitely doesn't need my cynical energy (Bah humbug)."
He's remarkable in that he admits to being a sucky person in a way that is enjoyable instead of obnoxiously unwinding all of his faults before us. He is in no way a perfect person, but somehow he's still a role model. Plus, it's rare to see a Youtuber a genuinely like where one of the first comments to show up is "Sit on my face", so I'm sure that's a plus in somebody's book.
For a complete list of the videos featured thus far, click here. (It gets updated daily.)

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