Thursday, January 14, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 14: What Should I Do With This Wall?

This will surely be the death of me.
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Today's video is What Should I Do With This Wall? by Mike Falzone.
Mike Falzone is a stand-up comedian who has a Youtube channel where he usually answers a vast array of questions thrown at him, ranging from relationships and.... that's mostly it.
Then there's a more innocent video with the premise of discussing what should be done about somebody's blank wall.
I felt that it gave way to much more absurd and enjoyable answers as Mike goes through several equally nonsensical options, such as painting a mirror on the wall: "Imagine expecting a mirror, every morning. Your brain would get such a workout you wouldn't even need coffee. You'd look at the painting and then you look behind you, and everything just is the way it is except you're not there. You're just so confused, and then you're like 'Well, nothing is real, time to go to work.'"
I just enjoyed the concept of it more than relationship advice because it gives more creative freedom and more opportunity for comedy, though Mike is amazing at milking the comedic value out of everything admittedly. It's nothing but raw humor combined with Mike's comfort and intimacy with his audience that puts the video at ease.

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