Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 13: Internet Comment Etiquette: Webcams!

Who would've guessed that there was more?!
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Today's video is Internet Comment Etiquette: Webcams! by Internet Comment Etiquette with Erik.
(From Optimizing Your Youtube Channel with Erik.)
Erik is yet another Youtuber with a channel established upon sarcasm.
Are we noticing a pattern yet?
His series of videos discussing Internet Comment Etiquette follow the same general pattern, not that unlike that of JelloApocalypse- take a facet of the Internet, and discuss proper "etiquette". However, the basis of his show is criticizing everybody he possibly can with his signature, acute sensibilities to create long, drawn-out complaints.
In such videos as Webcams!, he interacts with his unsuspecting victims on their feed, forcing them to answer it rather than it being a comment that can be merely glanced over. What ends up happening is a stream of complex questions thrown at his idiotic 'interviewee', more often than not an oblivious teenager being forced to endure questions about Benjamin Netanyahu. He utilizes the stupidity of people online and makes comedy at their expense in such a way that you don't feel bad for them being used but for them being complete idiots, which is something that is pretty difficult to do. Nevertheless, he manages to pull it off with perfection.
For a playlist of my favorite videos, click here. (It grows daily.)

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