Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 12: Welcome to FanFiction.Net! (And Wattpad)

Still December whilst writing this. I'm stockpiling but doing a terrible job.
For yesterday's entry, catch the wave... mang.
Today's video is Welcome to FanFiction.Net! (And Wattpad) by JelloApocalypse.

JelloApocalypse is probably one of my favorite Youtubers in the sense that I appreciate the snark and sarcasm. His most popular body of work is his "Welcome To ___" series, where he introduces the viewer to a certain facet of the Internet, such as Twitter or Youtube, and explains how to "properly" "use" them and in doing so, delivers deliberate back-handed slaps at their users.
The series' pinnacle remains Welcome to Fanfiction.Net! (and Wattpad). It remains his largest video in the amount of effort he put into it, and the multiple cameos of other channels such as Jaltoid and Larry Bundy Jr. which helped give the video more dimension.
It starts of simple enough, with Jello introducing the site with his trademark snarkiness before delving into the meat of the video, a series of purposefully-crude fanfiction recreations to embody the several main categories of fanfiction.
The first is a parody of slash fiction featuring the Wii Fit Trainer and Olimar ("His penis BURLED deep inside of me, myself losing all senses.... except desire."). Following shortly after is "Self-Insert Yaoi", which basically explains itself, thankfully barring me of the privilege of discussing yaoi.
The last two "sketches" are the finest and most "refined" (although technically speaking in terms of how they were purposefully written, they are far from refined). The second to last is a parody of Creepypasta featuring everybody's favorite theme, THE HAUNTED POKEMON CARTRIDGE. The final one is a Wattpad story of Ally, a girl who gets hired at a form to work for her bosses... One Direction <3<3<3<3. It was as awful as you could possibly hope it would be, with the cherry on top being Larry Bundy Jr. narrating the whole thing. It also had some of the best lines in the whole video. ("'First we have to get you a DRESS for the big coming-on-tour dance! And everyone's invited!!' said Liam to me. 'A DRESS?!' I sputtered like a dying Putt-Putt. But I was fat and have anorexia and low self-estem [sic] :(")
I mean, the video even inspired me to write some awful fanfiction, and that went "great".
For a playlist of my favorite videos, click here. (It grows daily.)

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