Monday, January 11, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 11: My Japanese Girlfriend (OFFENSIVE)

I'm writing this in December and there's still not enough time.
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Today's video is My Japanese Girlfriend (OFFENSIVE) by Brandon Rogers.

Brandon Rogers is a Youtuber who does extensive "character studies" for a lack of a better term, making videos showcasing brief moments in a character's day, with most of his videos following a loose storyline. Typically, it devolves into race humor, bordering along the offensive but without ever becoming insensitive.
In "My Japanese Girlfriend", he takes the role of, well, a Japanese girlfriend. The idea core to the video is the awful relationship between her and her boyfriend, with each one spewing insults at each other periodically throughout the day. For example, one of the video's finest moments is as follows:
"Eat my arse."
"Suck my d*ck."
"But I am arregic to shrimp." (strangles)

In case it was hard to tell, there's a whole lot of strangling involved. In fact, it serves as the primary cutaway in between scenes, followed by clips of the boyfriend talking about his love for his girlfriend, even though it's evident that the relationship is anything but peaceful. As such, the abrupt ending is most appropriate, with him accidentally running her over and proceeding to drive over her.
It's a strange video, but I appreciate the oddity of it, and the rapid-fire jokes help make it so that if one joke doesn't hit, it's not that much of a big deal because there's still twenty more.
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