Friday, January 1, 2016

Favorite Videos of 2015: Day 1: ECHOES THROUGH THE WALL

Happy New Year, errybody!
I decided that for the sake of keeping things rolling that I would write about my favorite videos of the year over the next 30 days. They can be music, comedy, educational, anything! This is by no means an attempt to distract myself from working on "real" stuff, but rather a way to keep things churning out quickly so I can work on bigger stuff on the side.
I decided that the safest place to start would be with ECHOES THROUGH THE WALL.

Olan Rogers is a genius when it comes to Youtube. Instead of trying to be provocative, he keeps things both personal and intertwined with his unique, almost absurdist sense of humor, a shtick that is always fresh no matter how many times you see it. Furthermore, he has such manic energy that, instead of being annoying, only makes everything better.
Both traits of his show through best in ECHOES, one of his "Video Logs" where he sits in his bedroom and tells a story of an event in his strange life. In this case, he tells the story of his neighbor, a so-called "douche canoe" who was a tad bit too loud with knocking around.
What starts as a gentle nudge spirals into a bizarre sequence of events wherein Olan posts a fake Craigslist account, proclaiming to be the douche canoe whom, in an inheritance, had obtained "A rare Russian hawk owl, named Lil BB, and Lil BB loved ice cream sandwiches." How does one find the hawk owl? Win over Lil BB's heart with ice cream sandwiches and say the secret passcode "MAGIC!" whilst throwing glitter.
It sounds ridiculous, but it's so preposterous that it simply had to be true.
And now, if you look up "Russian hawk owl", lo and behold, Lil BB is the first to come up.

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