Friday, December 18, 2015

Year Round Up: Version 1.1

So last year I went through the best and worst posts of the year. Y'know, like a kind of guide so you don't have to wallow through any of the filth.
Well, I'm doing it again.
10. Cream a La Crap: The Five Great Games That Mystified The Internet in 2014
Date Posted: January 19th, 2015
Oh sorry, was my bias showing a little too much? Probably.
While the opinions surrounding the post can be considered pretty, uh, critical, I like the post in that it kicked off the new year with a new "feel."
I think it's the best representation of a newer style emerging which has since carried over to present day. It feels more distinctly mature despite the abundance of blatant aggression at the titles (which I realize now could've been dialed down a little.) To be fair, though, most of those games deserved it. I'm lookin' at you, Meme Runner.
9. I Made my First Video on GoAnimate. Here's How it Went.
November 11th, 2015
A strange article, indeed. Hot off the heels of a strong streak of winning articles was a bizarre entry where I forged my first video for the Youtubes... in the form of an awful GoAnimate video.
Having never done anything of the sort, I thought it would be funny to soil a large milestone in my Internet career- making a video- on the world's most polarizing computer software.
The end result was... interesting? I tried to hit up the absurdity of the features of GoAnimate, including the ability to ride a bike stagnantly and fly off whilst eating a bento box, and constructing a meodramatic drama with the joke being in the monotone robotic voices, but the end result was a strange beast. It sounded like a drunken sailor's free-style rap session.
Still, for some reason, I kinda like it. It was an absurd failure but I found it rewarding even though less than five people actually took the test of watching the finished work.

8. What? It's Over? The 12 Worst Boss Fights in Gaming
One of two lists posted this year, it was by far the better one. It was a ton of work, going in without any idea of what I was going to put, but the end result was worth the effort.
I was especially wary of making a unique list without much reference to more established lists of bad bosses (note the lack of Negative Man), and for the most part, the list is astonishingly unique. Most of the entries were largely unexplored territory so that instead of being the tired "THESE ENEMIES R DUMM" entry in had its own legs.

7. An Ode to Randomness in Gaming
Date Posted: March 27th, 2015
My first "A Thought to Chew" post, it was no less a decent article. In an attempt to curb my now (rather elusive) lists, I created a newer outlet to simply write about things without the hefty frame of a list.
Y'know, what most people would just call an "article." Why it took me so long to adapt to regular writing pieces is beyond me.
Either way, it gave me the chance unleash my praise for Dragon Quest IX and Wonder Trade (which I talked about a looong time ago). Randomness is such a niche topic to discuss and it went over decently enough that I made it a fixture, and thank God for that. Otherwise, it would probably be even worse on this blog than it already arguably is.
6. Wii Can't Do That: The Short-Lived, Oft-Forgotten Demise of the Wii Vitality Sensor
Date Posted: January 31st, 2015
A requiem to the long forgotten Wii Vitality Sensor, I decided to look back at the strange idea after seeing it whilst sifting through an old Nintendo Power magazine.
While not the conventional post, I thought it was still decent enough. Instead of taking the then-frequent list route, I went through a chronological history of the major events surrounding its first public appearance and ending with the last time it was acknowledged by Nintendo. Sure, nobody really read it, but I enjoyed writing it at the very least.
5. Interview: A Conversation on 'Horror Towns' with the Creator of Hitokui Village
Date Posted: October 31st, 2015
While not my favorite work, it was by far the most daunting. I dove in knowing that it would be a difficult work to make, as it traveled across the language boundary. In addition, nobody really bothered to ask about 'horror towns' before, so I found it to be an intriguing opportunity to open it up for an extremely small percentage of the world to see.
The final product, while brief, is something I am still proud of. I coordinated the whole thing in only a little over a week, translating translations and being forced to only use Twitter's direct messaging to communicate with the other hemisphere.
It has since been one of the most difficult works to create, but I'm glad that I did it.
Plus, as a sidenote, I made all of those pictures. Just thought I'd bring it up.

4. The Paper Mario Pair: Why I Love Super Paper Mario and Why I Enjoyed Paper Mario: Sticker Star
Dates Posted: March 30th, 2015 and June 25th, 2015
My favorite "A Thought to Chew" pieces, I decided to write about them because nobody else would talk about them. Both are considered the worst entries into the Paper Mario franchise, which I found to be a little too harsh. The games aren't without their merit, and I sought to point out the many ways that they succeeded in a fair environment.
I tried not to be a blind supporter nor a solely subjective critic, and I feel I succeeded well at enough at reaching a decent balance in between.
My only complaint is the complete lack of pictures for either of them. There were a few, but the article was plagued by a wall of text without any eye candy to ease the descent.
3. How to Write Fanfiction
 Date Posted: May 28th, 2015
Amidst a drought of content rose one of my more strange pieces, an attempt to break down the elaborate components of fanfiction and several attempts at making my own.
While not necessarily legitimate commentary on fanfiction, because it's a broad generalization that all of it is awful, it did serve to satirize what we've come to expect; the easy-to-find dollar bin fanfiction that we're all too familiar with.
My favorite touch was the moderately long slash fiction parody of a sexual encounter between Tails and Sonic. Instead of getting graphic (the route for the weak), I highlighted the ridiculousness of the whole scenario. Was it pedophilia? How would they get physical if they lack a, erm, package?
Truly, these are questions imposed on every work written, and I sought to exploit them.
Heck, I might just want to explore it even further...
2. Bad Miiverse Posts Interview
Date Posted: August 23rd, 2015
I think of my opportunity to interview Daniel Switzer, the creator of @BadMiiversePosts, as a complete blessing. He's part of an axis of notable gaming Twitters that seems to be followed by a ton of big names. (Heck, the guy's been noticed by Pewdiepie.)
As such, I was shocked that he agreed wholeheartedly to the interview. He's probably one of the first big names that I've gotten the chance to interview, so that's already worthy of some recognition in and of itself.
In addition, he was able to joke about his creation as well as deliver some serious commentary on gaming as a whole (which makes sense considering his experience in legitimate gaming journalism), reaching a nice equilibrium between "Splatoon hentai" and analysis.
In other words, it was almost essentially perfect.
1. ChaseFace Interview

Date Posted: September 11th, 2015
Is it bad to say my two best posts were interviews? Probably.
Still, I've said it before and I'll say it again: they're legitimately one of my favorite parts of running this blog.
There are several reasons why I think this interview is the best one. Chase was so at ease in answering the questions and his personality oozes out of every answer, which I genuinely appreciate. With words, it's a lot more difficult to express opinions than talking outright, but it really did simulate exactly how Chase would sound. He never held back about anything, he was game for some slight self-deprecation, and even when he talked about "big, floppy dicks" it made cohesive sense.
In addition, it was so well done that I use it as the basis for my other interviews nowadays. Thanks!
He's also been the most successful overtime, meaning that it'll definitely be my magnum opus for a while. I mean, it was my pinned tweet for like the past three months. That's a long time, to those who haven't quite gotten their math skills yet.
As a sidenote, he also worked with GameTheory's Ryder Burgin (footofaferret) on a video about Ape Escape which I bring up for the sole purpose of reminding you that Ryder is from Statesville, NC: it's a rare double-whammy for North Carolina!

And now, of course, here's the wall-of-shame of the past year.
3. A Thought to Chew: Why Bubsy 3D is an Avant-Garde Masterpiece
Date Posted: April 1st, 2015
This could've been one of my favorite posts of the year, and I do love the post deeply. The idea was that I would create a purposefully incorrect, pseudo-intellectual reevaluation of Bubsy 3D with the sly secret being that it would contain an acronym reading "APRIL FOOLS DAY, SUCKER."
Unfortunately, for some reason, Blogger trims the lines so that they don't follow the same order in the typed draft, rendering the long amount of work put into the joke wholly pointless.
At the very least, here's a picture of how it should have worked out.
It's still a cute article, too, by the way. It's just the fact that the main gag came out so... nonexistent.
2. The Two Times Thongs Appeared in Your Favorite Video Games
Date Posted: February 27th, 2015
The first of many Tumblr Reposts from the ill-advised attempt at a leap to Tumblr (which I still don't get. WHY WON'T IT SAY HOW MANY VIEWS?!), this was probably my least favorite. Forgetting that the majority of the Tumblr reposts were complete garbage, the article wasn't even necessarily about "thongs." I still don't care to know what exactly a "thong" is at the risk of being bombed by the Internet's finest. (porn.)
Also, looking up "Curly's Underwear Deviantart" is a grim reminder of how awful the Internet is.

1. Notice to All EU Readers
Date Posted: August 10th, 2015
A joke on the notification that I had to inform EU readers of the cookies used in my blog, I instead copy-and-pasted a recipe from the Food Network onto my post and Powerpointed (I lack Photoshop prowess) a collage of cookies (including that Cookie).
And that's the whole post.
That's the extent of it.
This is this year's Eulogy of the Shiny Graveler.

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