Wednesday, December 30, 2015

What Do I Want to Happen Next Year?

So, this year's been incredible.. but where do I go from here?
Well, I hope that I have a general idea of what next year should look like.

The first big plan is that I will be doing a month-long celebration of sorts involving my favorite videos over the past year, as I mentioned in Top 5 Underrated Galaxies or whatever it was called. If the series works well, I'll do it again. If not, I'll shorten it to possibly ten entries next year for the sake of getting content out.
I will also try to bring back some of my older series that proved to be fairly popular, such as Video Game Characters IRL. Similarly, I will do a lot of A Thought to Chews, as they're a lot easier to make but not any less rewarding.
In addition, I will be working on one interview every month, save January, totaling 11.
But who will I interview? Well, I have some general ideas including:
-Popular Twitter accounts
-Mario Maker level designers
-Game reviewers
and many others. I want to try to do things that aren't done on the Internet with any kind of frequency and I want to find people who are popular but who will also have their "first" interview.
I also want to branch out more from simply video game-oriented content. Will it be front and center? Yes. But I had so much fun with, say,  writing awful Fanfiction that I'm tempted to delve even further.
As for the final question worth asking: will I make a legitimate video?

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