Tuesday, December 29, 2015

INTERVIEW: Marc Lovallo on His First Big Year

Marc Lovallo, otherwise known on Youtube as SuperSmash3DS, is a guy of many talents. He reviews games, he remixes music, he does voice work, and he's directing Eddsworld: The Movie, a fan movie project based on, well, Eddsworld. (I mean, it's in the title.)
Over the past year, he's been going through the entire main Mario series- from Super Mario Bros. to Super Mario 3D World (and Captain Toad)- reviewing each one. Now that he's done with all of that, I decided the interview him and reflect upon the year as well as his future endeavors.
First of all, to those who don't know, who exactly are you?
I'm Mark. I do game reviews on my Youtube channel, and I also do some music and voice work.
What inspired you to make videos, do voicework, and compose remixes?
I didn't always want to do game reviews. It's just something that kind of happened. For game reviews I was mainly inspired by SomecallmeJohnny and most of the people from Hidden Block and Normal Boots. I got into voice acting because I love doing voices, and I was inspired by real famous voice actors like Mel Blanc and the Simpsons actors. I started doing remixes of music because I always thought it was cool to hear video game music in a different way.

This was your first full year making videos on Youtube. What were some of the highs and lows?
One of my favorite moments this year was when somebody in the comments called me their favorite Youtuber. That just really made me feel good about what I'm doing, and helped encourage me to keep making more videos. The only low I can think of was when I did my review of Super Mario 3D World. I didn't like the game, and I tried to explain my opinions as best and fairly as I could, but the people who liked the game were a bit miffed at me.
Why do you admire the Mario series so much? Are there any other franchises that you enjoy at a similar level?
I grew up playing Mario games pretty much all my life. I love the simplicity of it all and I think what makes it so wonderful is the fact that pretty much anyone can play a Mario game. On a similar level, I'm a big fan of Kirby, Crash Bandicoot, and The Sims. I don't follow that many other franchises, but I'm hoping to get into Uncharted in the future.
What are your favorite and least favorite video games?
My favorite video game of all time has always been Super Mario World on the SNES. I don't know if I have that many least favorite video games because I normally avoid trying to play bad video games.
Has your opinion shifted much towards any of the Mario games since you've played them?
That's a really good question, actually. (Thanks, Marc.) Ever since I've reviewed all the main series Mario games, my opinions on a few of them have changed. I find myself loving a lot of them more than when I played them before the reviews. However, my opinions on Sunshine and 3D World are about the same.
For the vast majority of the year (up until the final video), you've used hand-drawn sprites for your reviews. How do you think the transition to live-action will work out?
Another good question. (Thanks again.) I think the transition will give me more opportunities for physical comedy. because with the static animations, I was kind of limited to the one corner of the room. I can also implement more filming techniques into my videos to make them more interesting and entertaining, so I feel like this is going to be a good change of pace.
Do you have any plans to pursue any other franchises in a marathon? For example, The Legend of Zelda, Crash Bandicoot, and Pokemon have anniversaries next year.
I'm not planning on marathoning Zelda, but I'm definitely going to look at Crash Bandicoot. I have other ideas for franchises I'd like to cover in the future, like Kirby and hopefully Super Smash Bros. So I think the future holds a lot of possibilities.
It seems as if you have a quite a large love for Eddsworld. What's it like playing such a prominent role in the Eddsworld community and working on the guest comics?
It's very surreal. I've been a fan of Eddsworld for almost eight years, and now I'm very recognizable in the fan community, I've done official comics, and I've even gotten to talk to the guys themselves. Being a fan of Eddsworld has allowed me to do a lot of great things, and I'm very thankful.
Finally, as a staunch Northerner from New Jersey, ya'll got any trash talk for us down yonder in North Carolina? (I'll never use "y'all" again, promise.)
Many might find this hard to believe, but I'm not good with trash talk. I know. A Jersey dude who can't trash talk. But I can recommend you to one of our finest diners. We have REALLY good diners in New Jersey.
Thanks to Mark for the interview! To check out his channel, click right down yonder. (I'll never use "yonder" again, promise.)

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