Monday, October 26, 2015

October Update

Yikes, I haven't posted in over a month. Looks like it's about time I should fix that.
First of all, high school is in full throttle, so it's become a lot harder to push out some form of content of a decent quality. I think that it's at least better to create something that is entertaining and well-written rather than, y'know, this. Just.... just don't click on that. It's awful.
Secondly, I HIT 6000 VIEWS! I honestly don't know why people look at this stuff; it blows my mind that I get to work with some awesome people almost every month and that I'm noticed by even a handful of people. I mean, to most people it sounds like jack-diddly-squat (sorry), but I'm just some kid in North Carolina sitting in his room writing stuff, and people around the world have noticed it.
Thirdly, I assure you that STUFF IS COMING. I am currently working on a new interview that I can assure you has never been done before. Like seriously, I'm trying to break new ice. It will hopefully be out by Halloween, but because time zones in Japan are a tricky beast, that's really only a hope. (Plus, I have to work through what Google Translate pushes out, some garbled English, and make it understandable.)
If all works out, I hope to have an interesting line-up for the rest of the year as well, and will hopefully tag on an artist and another musician by the year's end, so fingers are crossed.
I also recently found an interview from a couple of months ago that I forgot to publish, so if it's a slow month, I'll definitely try to put that one forward.
Lastly, if you want updates on my work, bad jokes, and disses on South Carolina, follow me on El Twittero and send me a Tweet on how bad my faux-Spanish is.

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