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INTERVIEW: BadMiiversePosts Thinks Your Grammar Sucks

First, I'll preface this article with something extremely unrelated. For me, school's about to pick up again, so expect a little less posting. There could be months with five articles or no articles at all. Hopefully there will be some kind of weekly basis at which they will be posted, but probably not.
Also, this is my first interview in almost a year. Hopefully, there should be more order in the near future, but I will say that the next one is already ready, I just gotta package and post it.
Dan Switzer, while a name you probably don't recognize, is the powerhouse behind Bad Miiverse Posts, a magical Twitter where all Miiverse posts go to die. Highlighting some of the most absurd posts, nothing is sacred; everyone from intense meninists to conspiracy theorists to children with a bad family life is represented magnificentally. (Quite frankly, for every decent one, there's an "Expanded Dong" to ruin it all, and it's wonderful.)
Enough dilly-dallying, though, let's just get to the interview already!

First off, to the people who have no idea, who are you?
Well, I'm Daniel Switzer, a student of Journalism at The University of Winchester, and in my free time, freelance video-game journalist. 
You've done  a lot of journalism with the likes of Nintendo Enthusiast and PushStartPlay. What's all of that been like?
Working for NintendoEnthusiast and PushStartPlay was great and good fun! The former actually scouted me out to write some humour for their site, which I dabbled with but eventually didn't work out, in my opinion at least. It was a great opportunity and any experience is good experience. Plus, they compensated me, so that's always nice. I wrote for PushStartPlay for roughly a year, and that gave me plenty of experience writing news, features, game reviews and so on. I don't tend to stick around once place for too long, I need to continually change my surroundings and pace.
What is your favorite video game?
My favourite video-game is the GameCube's Metroid Prime. Retro Studios did such an amazing job translating that series from 2D to 3D. The levels and enemy designs, soundtrack (Phendrana Drifts anyone?) and so much more. In fact, the entire Prime Trilogy is probably in my top 10. Tetris is a close second though.
In a similar vein, what video game made you most want to kill yourself?The game that has made me want to physically hurt myself is I Wanna Be The Guy, just out of sheer frustration as opposed to it be terrible. I got a few levels in but couldn't finish it. I watch streamers play all the time, it's a great title.

E3's come and gone. What upcoming games are you most hyped for? 

Metal Gear Solid V and Fallout 4 are the games I'm most hyped for, but there's also things like  the Xbox One BC I'm loving, as well as Rare Replay. Nintendo's showing wasn't too great this year, but I'm still playing catch-up on my 3DS, currently going through Mario & Luigi: Dream Team [Bros]. 
What pushed you to create BadMiiversePosts?
I believe it was when the Super Metroid community first went up, lots of players, specifically younger ones, were getting stuck in the exact same place and I thought it was funny, so I decided to start BadMiiversePosts.

What is the process in which you find the titular "Bad Miiverse Posts"?
When I first started, I'd just browse each community, looking for funny spelling mistakes, weird drawings or just downright dumb/bad stuff I'd spend hours just reading through it all. Nowadays I just rely on people sending me stuff through Twitter, Email, Tumblr etc.
What do you think was the best (or technically speaking, the worst) Miiverse post you've found?
Probably something involving Sonic, they tend to be the worst ones. I think I saw a drawing that had a pregnant Shrek with Sonic as the mother. My eyes were never the same.
When did you realize that you'd created  a phenomenon? 
When the account started getting into the 10,000 mark, I think I realised this wasn't just a dumb account. Later I made a Facebook page and a Tumblr. (and now a Youtube! PLUG! PLUG!)
What's it like being acknowledged by Youtube celebrities like PBG, Egoraptor, and Cadicarus, let alone Nintendo UK and Comedy Central? 
It's pretty cool to know that there's these huge entertainers that laugh at my "work", that validates what I do personally. I don't watch the likes of Pewdiepie but when I saw that he'd favourited one of my tweets, that was pretty cool. Moments like those make the hours of reading terrible, terrible stuff seem worth it.

Why do you think BadMiiversePosts has become such a success?People love to laugh at others, it's what we do. I could have created a GoodMiiversePost account at the same time and I'd guarantee it wouldn't have been as successful.
Soooo... long story short, Splatoon happened. How's that all been?
Splatoon is the worst, which in my case, means the best thing that has happened to BadMiiversePosts. Shrek, Spongebob, Anime, tentacles, suggestive drawings, memes, squids, 9/11 conspiracies, the game has it all. It's hard to take it all in and actually see what's serious and what isn't.

it's also worth noting that Super Mario Maker's coming up real soon. Do you have any suspicions of the kind of hell it could raise?
I've no doubt that people are going to create phallic-shaped levels or levels that look like the twin towers (the game launches September 11th... 
Lastly, do you think that the situation will ever get any better?
People inside the industry think we're in a bad way at the moment, and to be fair, with things like GamerGate and whatnot, there is a very vocal minority causing a lot of mayhem. But in my opinion, we've never had it better. AAA-games, while some launch broken, are becoming bigger and have hours upon hours of content. Indie games are bringing back the games from our past. Mobile games keep us entertained in times of need. We're on the edge of something massive regarding VR/AR. The industry will get better because we're already getting better. We just need to iron out some problems.

Thanks, Dan! One final note to never forget, to all you Miiverse users out there:

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