Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Tumblr Repost #4: Two Gameboy Peripherals You Never Knew Existed

This is the last of the Tumblr posts and is around the area that I made the epiphany that I was getting nowhere on Tumblr. As such, it's kind of a bittersweet farewell for me, as I no longer have the ability to copy-and-paste old articles without having to make something new. (JK........ almost.)
Once again, it suffers from being ridiculously short. Most of the posts were kind of like Diet Coke. They were inferior versions of the original and they were hard to swallow. Also, Diet Coke tastes like toothpaste buried underground for three months. Just..... just thought that was worth noting.
And what does that have to do with the article? Absolutely nothing!
Stop asking questions.
Regardless, may I introduce the last of my regrets, or at the very least, one of the thousands that will come. How comforting!
Unless you lived under a rock for a couple of years, you would know that the GameBoy had some wacky peripherals. Some of the most well-known include the GameBoy Camera (Run!), GameBoy Printer, and e-Reader for the GBA. However, there were a couple that thrived in obscurity, and are now worth a fortune; without further ado, here’s a select two that nobody ever knew about.
GameBoy Pocket Sonar (1998)
Developed by Bandai, this peculiar peripheral sold for 14,800 yen. It utilized the magical power of sonar. What for, you might ask?…. Fishing.
Geez, Bandai, and you wonder why this didn’t sell.
Admittedly, the Pocket Sonar is pretty interesting. You put it by the water and wait for some fish to meander on by. Used for fishing sports, itself a rather obscure pastime (Well, not really, but nobody brags about catching fish), it also included a fishing minigame.
Due to the fact that it is a physical impossibility for a person t exist that plays GameBoys and goes outside, the peripheral didn’t sell so well. If you want one, expect to buy it for around $280.
GlucoBoy (2004)
The GlucoBoy is an odd gadget. The oft-forgotten poster-child of rare video game peripherals, it was created by inventor Patrick Wessel, it offers a selection of minigames while simultaneously administering glucose levels.
Oh, and when I said “poster-child of rare video game peripherals,” I wasn’t screwing with you. You’d be lucky to find much information on them, let alone try to buy one. Heck, it might as well not even actually exist. However, there is a slightly less-obscure cousin of the GlucoBoy, the DS Gadget, which basically does the same thing but for the DS. Those, on the other hand, can be relatively easily found at around $30. As cool as an item as it is, there is not much use for it, and it disappeared as fast as it came into existence.

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