Friday, June 5, 2015

Tumblr Repost #2: The Two Times Pepsiman Showed Up in Video Games

Due to the frequent stagnation of the blog, I've decided to continue to dodge my intentions and do a second repost from the abandoned Tumblr disaster of '14. For some background on the Tumblr, click here. (It also has the first post which involved undergarments.) This is also one of the lists that I'm not a very big fan of if not for the fact that, to me, it feels like garbage. While the formula is intact, with poorly-made puns and a subject matter that was surely belched from a purgatory-esque dimension, the whole thing was just painul (in my opinion).
Now, after thoroughly making you think the post was complete crap, here it is!
PepsimanBeing a North Carolinian, one of the few things we have pride in is Pepsi. Now, I’m not gonna get dragged into a Coke vs. Pepsi hissyfit, but it’s fair to say that Pepsi is one of the more important soda brands.
It’s also probably the mot beloved American soda brand in Japan!
In fact, the Japanese made a handful of games about Pepsi using their mascot, the creatively-named Pepsiman. Who could forget him?
Uh….. a lot of people.
To paint you a picture, imagine if Slenderman (that dumb egg in a suit that everybody is scared of for some unknown reason this is a run-on sentence I apologize) was covered in aluminum foil and got a job as a Pepsi salesman. That’s what he is.
Anyway, Pepsiman was apparently popular enough to appear in two video games (of course, only in Japan folks!), so here they are.

Fighting Vipers (1996)
Pepsiman’s earliest induction into the world of video games is also one of his most unknown. (Not like people even know who the heck the guy is, but I digress.) One of the Sega Saturn’s most popular fighting games, it featured three hidden characters. The first two were Sonic and Tails who appeared in the arcade version’s code as a joke by a programmer working on the game. (It famously became the inspiration for Sonic FIghters.) The other one was Pepsiman, who appeared in the Japanese versions, but decided to hide his sparkling physique from the international releases. His performance was truly… sparkling. (Who wrote these puns?!)
Pepsiman (1999)
Pepsiman would appear oncemore after three years of silence in his own title, Pepsiman. Developed KID in 1999, the game had you controlling Pepsiman in an on-rails running game running to deliver Pepsi to random people while riding skateboards, jumping around, and Indiana Jones-ing some Pepsi soda cans. A true hero he was.
Some highlights include him pulling Pepsi out of his stomach, running around in garbage cans, mangled English, and my personal favorite, weird and unfitting advertisments in between every level. That’s how you know that this game is of high-quality; the fact that they shove ads down your throat like a lollipop after your doctor visit.

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