Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Me Rambling

I don't have that much important to say, but I feel that no justice is done by posting mediocre posts (with the occasional good one standing out). People come to this blog to read, to enjoy, to celebrate gaming, and here I am, half-asleep. Many people, I feel, are patiently waiting for something that will never come, like Half-Life 3 (Ahhh burn!!!!). All this stuff that I'm saying doesn't matter; it's a block of text, yet people enjoy it.
(Casual readers: be warned. This is gonna get really text-heavy.)
The Internet is a beautiful medium to cast one's work onto. It doesn't matter who you are, where you are, what you do, there will always be people there. Ten days ago today, I wrote of my 3000 milestone, and just ten days later, another 100 came up. I don't want to say that I have pride, but I do; lost in the online world, filled with so many other creators, people actually see my stuff. It's amazing how a tiny blog from some town hidden away in the US gets noticed by people around the world.
While not as prestigious as, say, your own publications, the online world is a place to get yourself out there. It doesn't matter if there are three people who see your stuff or three million people seeing your stuff; all that matters is that people have seen your work, have read your writings, have watched your videos, etc. Meet new people, work with them, make friends, and meet people. Even if I'm not the next big thing, I at least want to get out there.
Tangent: I'm sorry if all of this stuff is getting kind of weird, I'm just writing the first things that come to mind.
In conclusion, just don't be afraid to try to step out. I spent years jumping from blog to blog, and I finally found my place. You don't have to have millions of fans to be content as a creator; what matters is that you make someone's day, that you interest people, that you let yourself be known by more people than those you physically meet. The world is a blank canvas, and it needs somebody, anybody, to finish.
Crap just got deep back there.

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