Sunday, December 14, 2014


Well, it's only been slightly over a year and a half, but I now have 3000 views. Such a tiny milestone, but still amazing. Do you know what that means? Thousands of people flocked to an outdated website to read a series of one-sided, snide comments written by some guy who is epitomizing laziness.
Why are you people even here? I dunno. Either way, I love each and every one of you people!
Anyway, there's a few tiny announcements:
First off, I doubt that the Tumblr will become as prominent as initially perceived. For one thing, it's extremely difficult to get out there. Secondly, the trafficking on the Tumblr wasn't as good as I thought, so I'll probably just stick to my guns and stay over here. It was really frustrating for me to use around an hour working on a post that hardly anyone noticed.
I initially considered making it a multi-network Tumblr, where I would have some of my "collaborators" post alongside me, but that would just be a burden on everyone. While I may try again in the distant future, as of right now I have no intentions of continuing to post there.
Secondly, some of the old segments will be making a return. While this blog has more lists than a cashier prints out every year, I really want to brig back my old fixtures, such as "Video Game Characters IRL" (but probably with a jazzier title) and "Questions that NEED to be Answered."
However, I also plan on a brand-new series, and I'm really hyped about it. A while back on the Tweeter I mentioned a new article entitled "(Their) First Outing." My intentions are that I will get some Youtube friends to talk about and reflect upon their first videos and early Internet memories. Think of it like Youtube Nation's "My First Upload." (RIP YTN 2013-2014 RIP IN PEACE)
I'm pulling all the strings like Jim Henson in an insane asylum. You guys are gonna get some stuff that you've never seen before, stuff creators hardly remember or want to forget ever happened. I'm freaking sadistic with this.
Lastly, there's another blog that I hope will one day see the light of day. I've had many blogs; there used to be a Lego blog when I was ten, and two AQWorlds blogs when I was 11 (Terrible sh!t right there), and most recently, Questionable Confectionaries and that Meow thing. (High-five if you remember Memecyclopedia!) I want to have one that actually works out, though. I'm thinking of a more personal blog where I voice my opinions concerning random things in my life with the same level of facetiousness that you've come to expect of me. Maybe it will come out next summer? I dunno. I've just wanted to do something like this for a long time.
Anyway, thanks so much for 3000! Here's to another 1000!

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